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Sekacpuc? A's 6, Red Sox 3


You know what I liked best about this SWEEP OF THE FRICKIN' RED SOX? The fact that the A's did virtually everything right in the three games, from hitting to pitching to defense to Geren's...

Macha was right: A's 12, Rangers 6


OK, I'll admit it: I'm emotionally and financially invested in Rich Harden not succeeding. (For those of you who missed it, mikeA and I made a wager last year that Harden wouldn't reach 10 more...

We get our walks the old-fashioned way -- we *earn* them: A's 7, Royals 1


If you look at the boxscore of today's game, Evel Knieveland and Snake Hochevar Canyon don't appear to have pitched completely different ballgames: Eveland: 5.2 IP, 95 pitches/53 strikes, 4 BB,...

Shouldn't have been that close: Indians 7, A's 1


Cliff Lee was virtually unhittable today. With some better defense behind him, he could have been literally unhittable: with the exception of Garko's Tyrone Power impersonation on Buck's "triple"...

Winning pretty ... then ugly ... then pretty again: A's 9, Indians 7, AccuWeather 1


Rarely does a win feel as bad as that. The A's stomped out to a big lead against C.C. Sabathia and a couple Indians relievers, taking a 9-1 lead on the strength of a whole lot more doubles, and...

... and the offense falls off a cliff: Indians 2, A's 1


Joe Blanton once again pitched a very good (not great) game for the A's, shutting the Tribe down for 6 innings; but Joe tired in the 7th inning, and his mechanics and control began to slip, and the...

Is the Dallas Braden Experiment over?


Inland Empire 3, A's 2 I'm not sure which was shorter today -- Dallas Braden's start, or the AN game thread. A tough irony for Braden, in that the one start in a long time where he seemed to be...

So *that's* what a Major League offense looks like


Boston 11, A's 6 The Red Sox haven't been the offensive juggernaut of this year's Yankees, nor have they quite lived up to their own recent powerhouse performances. Yet they're still third in the...

Countdown to .500 at 6


A's 9, Indians 3 Yeah, Beane should definitely trade that bum Mark Ellis. Ellis continued to demonstrate that he belongs in the top 2/3 of the lineup, cracking a homer and a double, and driving in...

A la recherche des jeux victorieux


Ah, the wafting scent of a 4-day-old dollar dog sends me into a reverie over this game, recollecting the A's pattern of old in winning ballgames: timely and powerful punishment of mediocre pitching...

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