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Brett Anderson's Left Elbow Seeks Medical Review


As many on AN have speculated, given Brett Anderson's visible loss in velocity and struggles to get opposing hitters out over the last several starts, the pitcher's left elbow is going to be...

AN Visits with MLB.com's Mychael Urban Part I


AN sits down with MLB.com reporter Mychael Urban.

Breaking Down Trevor Cahill's Delivery


Breaking down Trevor Cahill's mechanics.

The 2009 Oakland A's Starting Pitchers?


It's been the unlucky 13 for the Oakland Athletics in 2008.  The A's have had 13 different pitchers start at least one game for the A's this year.  You ready for this list?  Joe Blanton, Rich...

AN Visits with Minor League Expert John Sickels


SportsBlogs Nation is really fortunate as we have John Sickels writing the best minor league blog on the Web in Minor League Ball.  Sickels does excellent work at that blog and I suggest you make...

A Reason to Watch USA Olympic Baseball


I'm not the biggest Olympic fan in the world.  I really only like watching certain team sports like soccer and during the Winter Olympics, hockey.  I'm not really one to get into the badminton,...

It's Really Not As Bad As We Think


Well, maybe it is.  At least right now.  But I never really thought the A's were going to compete for the AL West in 2008.  I thought this was a team that Billy Beane was building for the future...

Athletics Nation Interviews MLB Minor League Writer Jonathan Mayo


Well, it's the All Star break and I figured it would be a good time to check in on the progress of many of our prized minor league prospects since that's the direction our...


Future Athletic Roundup 2.1: A look at the Stockton Rotation

Future Athletic Roundup #2.1 – 2008 Stockton Rotation Edition.     Since we hear so much about Stockton's rotation being so good this year, I wanted to write up a projected line-up.  Also, since...


Future Athletic Roundup (Prospect Gambling Edition)

Future Athletic Roundup #1.6 – Prospect Gambling Edition Sports writers are boring.  Every year we have to put up with a bunch of safe prospect lists, and by that I mean top 50, top 25, or top 10....

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