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CarGo Called up by Rockies


Carlos Gonzo, the man we traded for Matt Holliday, is getting called up to the majors after a white hot AAA start where he hit .339 with six steals, ten taters, a .638 slugging percentage, and fifty nine RBI. As much as I like the kid I have to admit part of me wants him to be terrible (not too likely) since watching another traded away player become a super duper star would kill me. But yeah, best of luck!

Harden's woes continuing, likely to miss WBC

Pitching was always going to be Canada's soft spot at the World Baseball Classic and things are looking worse now that Ryan Dempster has bowed out and Rich Harden is questionable. The 45-man provisional rosters for all 16 teams at the tournament were unveiled Monday by Major League Baseball, with Dempster's stunning omission the only major surprise from the national team's entry. Harden's name did make Canada's list but health concerns are putting his participation into serious doubt. The Chicago Sun-Times reported over the weekend that the Cubs right-hander from Victoria has a slight tear in his shoulder, and with US$7 million committed to him in 2009, the NL Central champions aren't likely to be pleased if he pulls on the Maple Leaf jersey. His absence from the final 28-man roster that's due Feb. 24 would be understandable under those circumstances, but Dempster's is a little tougher to explain. I don't know of Harden's most recent injury problems have been discussed on here or not, but this may just add a little more fuel. As you may or may not know, I've been one of Harden's biggest supporters, and I'm still on the fence about the trade, but regardless I still want to see him do well, and this puts a damper on him, the Cubs, and certainly the chances of us folks in the great white north doing well at the WBC.

Commissioner For a Day


Four suggestions for improving Major League Baseball.


PredictAPlay Beta Signups! Play with the A's!

Hey gang.  Just a quick post to say that beta sign ups have begun at www.predictaplay.com.  I am pretty excited about this and make sure that you put in that you heard about it from Athletics...


A first look at a whole new game

Hey folks.  Just letting you all know that I posted the first screenshot of the game I am building.  I am getting pretty excited about it and it works like a champ so far.  I have a few more things...


Witty Fantasy Baseball Team Names

I'm one of those dorks that tries to think of something semi-funny when I put together my fantasy baseball teams. I usually like to tie it into the A's as best as I can too, but this year I'm kind...


Risk vs Reward

First off I would like to add that the new SB nation / Athletics Nation looks great! It does run a little slow on Linux but whatever what doesn't. Also Blez if you see this please shoot me an...


The statistics of baseball...

I threw up the temporary web site for the game I am building this year to generate some buzz and to have a little more control over the page than here.  I did a pretty in depth statistical analysis...


It's all in a name...

Well Brad stole my thunder.  I have delayed work on my project to allow you all to play along with the A's and hopefully MLB someday because we just had our first Little A's fan.  She was born 3...


Baseball and the Art of Surviving Staff Development

So I've just finished up a week of art classes designed to get more out of the 'straight' curriculium.  Overall, the class was well designed and I got my hands dirty and some great ideas for making...

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