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ANtics Extra: Bob Geren In the Hot Seat


A's manager Bob Geren is on the hot seat with his team in last place and going nowhere fast. The ANtics are back to investigate.

ANtics Episode 3.27: A New Hope


By the end of 2007, the A's heroes weren't guys named Crosby, Chavez, Kendall and Kotsay. Instead, a ragtag bunch, including Suzuki, Barton, Cust, and Hannahan, helped the A's to their fair share...

ANtics Episode 3.26: Target Swisher


Hit a home run. Get hit by a pitch. Repeat... Nick Swisher has seen more than his fair share of balls thrown his way this season. Take a look at some of the evasive moves he's picked up to keep the...

ANtics Episode 3.25: Hannahan Hero?


Newcomer Jack Hannahan is fast-becoming the king of walk-off hits for these rebuilding, refocused, A's. Both Sunday and Wednesday saw the A's new third baseman come up with big hits that sent the...

ANtics Episode 3.24: Kurt's Crusade


Kurt Suzuki's 3 hits, including a long bomb, against the Devil Rays, were one of the few highlights in an ugly weekend. But his rookie season, thrust into the role of starting catcher for the A's,...

ANtics Episode 3.22: South Dakotan Sensation


The old adage of "good field, no hit" is antiquated in this age when second basemen and shortstops are expected to provide power and slugging alongside the muscle-bound first basemen and...

ANtics Episode 3.23: Rookie Raves


Their names were scarcely known to casual A's fans before the season, and now players like Travis Buck, Donnie Murphy and Kurt Suzuki represent the A's future, giving us some exciting developing...


ANtics Special: Write Your Own Caption!

When you break it down, the ANtics are typically a bunch of photographs from the AP wire and local newspapers, dragged through ComicLife and tagged with captions, and imagining just what could...

ANtics Episode 3.21: Heroes to Zeros


Were you at that game where the A's got shut out? What? You want to know which one? Trust me, we know how you feel. And it looks like the players are feeling the strain of being a very average team...

ANtics Episode 3.20: Opposite Day


I never truly saw this coming - the resurgence in offense from Bobby Crosby and Jason Kendall, the quick return to health of Mike Piazza and Rich Harden, and Mike Piazza's race to the Hall of Fame....

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