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Michael Taylor 2012 AAA Stats


I realize it's early, but has anyone been following Michael Taylor in Sac? Through 49 ABs, he's hitting .429/.473/.653, with 8 (!) doubles. It's great to see him performing well, hopefully he can keep it up and the A's will give him a shot once we trade Coco.

We've got some guys tearing it up in Sacramento


Weeks, Cardenas, and Jai Miller are hitting the ball pretty well down in AAA. At what point do we take a 4.75M+ guy (Kouz, Ellis, DeJesus) and say enough is enough? Can you ever do that with a guy like Ellis? On a side note, is Jai Miller our replacement for Coco next year? It's hard to ignore a 1.129 OPS from a 26 year old CF. Am I totally crazy for even bringing this up in the midst of a 2 game winning streak?

Gallagher out after two innings


Anyone know why Gags was pulled? He pitched two shutout innings with 3 k's. I hope he's not hurt.


Rethinking the Minor Leagues

Okay, Since we are clearly rebuilding, I think we should take a look at using the minor leagues in a different form than we have in the past. In short I would fill the AAA roster with 4A players...


Sacramento Manager named: Say hello to Todd Steverson

From the comments a few weeks back: I'm guessing Todd Steverson goes to Sac-Town He's marched through the system like a prospect player, and he's had good success along the way. And if the A's...


Jack Hannahan-- Cust, part deux?

All content from this post has been removed in accordance with my decision to leave Athletics Nation. It is my sad duty to report that I no longer wish to create content for, or share it with, this...


Dan Meyer Continuing To Make Strides at Sacto

I've been around here for a long time, but rarely post anymore. I do however, seem to have a bit of history of being one of Dan Meyer's longest and strongest supporters through his litany of injury...


Minor League Report 4/28/07 AAA & AA

All the stats in this diary are up to date as of 4/28/07. All of the opinions expressed within this piece are the result of years and years of independent thinking and stubbornness. Mainly...

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