Sochi-Astros FAIL


While it might be cruel, it's still funny.

New Green Jersey


Vine used to announce

I know they lost this but notice Kubek & Garagiola talk about the 10th man


Watch it for the first few minutes with the praise of the Oakland fans and it looked a non sell out for that game and also at the 3:30 mark you hear someone yell ROLLIE YOU SUCK

New hat... to go with new uniform??


This hat had already been leaked. People complained it didn't match the green uniform, since the white/yellow trim is reversed. According to the guy that runs It's be cause the green alt as we know it, is gone after last year. I'm guessing that means a new green alt.. So what will it look like??

Hudson Signs with Giants


All but official I guess according to MLB Trade Rumors This does not make me happy. I hate when I see A's jump over to the Giants no matter how long ago they were A's (Zito, Scutaro etc...) Now we get to hear about how great they are in orange and black. But good for him getting a 2 year deal at the ripe age of 38. 23 Million for 2 years. Hope it works well for him.

2013 Oakland Athletics Infographic


I’m an Oakland A’s fan, and as a follow-up to last year’s Oakland A’s win/loss infographic here’s the sequel, portraying the scores, wins and losses of each game in both the regular season and post season. New this year is a line chart that tracks the 5 teams in the American League West division across the season. If you’re an A’s fan, or even just a baseball fan, feel free to use this on your blog or website. Let’s Go Oakland! Looking forward to the 2014 season.

The beautiful Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum


Even the tarps don't look too bad! Taken at the game on August 31. More sizes available here.

Even people in Nicaragua are jumping on the A's bandwagon.


kind of... I had a chance to go to the Bosawas Reserve to work with the indigenous tribes there and their hunting dogs (vet student here). It was awesome, and completely remote (2 day canoe ride to the village). It is considered the second largest rainforest in the western hemisphere after the amazon. It's so remote, i was the first asian person they had ever seen. I got a lot of stares and a the nickname "Bruce Lee." And although futbol rules all, they do love their baseball, and play it every sunday in the winter. Since i couldn't help but want to say the a's have fans in Bosawas, I had to give them the shirts i brought down. The guy in the A's tee is named "Erasmo" and he LOVED the shirt. Anyway, just thought i'd share.

My First Pitch (cont.)


Don't worry peeps I'll only post one or two more! Sorry! lmao! Let's Go Oakland!!

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