A's Commentary and Analysis

What's wrong with the Athletics' bullpen?

The A's were supposed to have one of the best bullpens in baseball, but the closer-by-committee isn't getting the job done. What gives?

Josh Reddick: What is going wrong?

What is happening with Josh Reddick? We try to find out.

Yoenis Cespedes: Hitting Adjustments

How can Cespedes reach elite hitting status? Let's find out.

Plate Discipline, Pitch Recognition, and Cespedes

What does Yoenis Cespedes need to work on to regain his 2012 form? Let's find out.

You Heard it Here

Jerry's Position Player Primer for 2014

2014 Preview: Why the A's Will Win The Pennant

The Pitch: There are no hypocrites in the Athletics' front office. General manager Billy Beane immediately spent the new national television money he would have likely killed for during his...


Let's build the best hitter by piecing together portions of Oakland's hitters' swings.

Josh Reddick vs. Pitch Speed

A study on how Josh Reddick performs vs. pitch velocity.

Preseason Homework Assignments - Alberto Callaspo

We got sidetracked by the hitting mechanics pieces the last few weeks, but now return to the Homework Assignments. You didn’t think I was going to forget about Callaspo, did you?

Josh Donaldson vs. a Curveball

How do hitters adjust to different pitch speeds? Let's find out.


Plate Coverage

Swing adjustments hitters make to cover the plate.

Hitting the Other Way

Let's look at the science and art of hitting the other way. (And why it is so friggin' hard.)

Offseason Homework Assignments - Daric Barton

Oh snap! Jerry’s talking Daric Barton!

Offseason Homework Assignments - Stephen Vogt

This week we look at the last portion of the A’s three-headed catching monster – Stephen Vogt.

Offseason Homework Assignments - Coco Crisp

This week we take a look at Oakland’s centerfielder/lead-off man – Coco Crisp.

Jerry's Swing Grading - Part Two

I was stoked by the interest Part One of this series received, so I thought I would put up Part Two. Enjoy!

Offseason Homework Assignments - Brandon Moss

This week we look at Oakland's LH hitting portion of the first-base platoon/ extra outfielder - Brandon Moss.

Jerry's Swing Grading - Part One

With this being a week of Holidays, it didn’t feel right handing out a Homework Assignment. So I thought I would provide a little insight on how I grade swing mechanics. Enjoy!

Offseason Homework Assignments - Josh Donaldson

This week we look at Oakland's 3rd baseman - Josh Donaldson

Athletics and Tanaka: Ways It Could Happen

The A’s have traded away the one pitcher with near-ace potential in Brett Anderson. On the other hand, there might be another solution available in Tanaka if they want to get creative.


Hidden Value of Kazmir/Johnson vs. Colon/Balfour

Time for my annual post...2012...2011 It's fun (or painful) to look back at old threads and remember how our community of passionate people in the moment the A's made a big move. It's also...

Athletics 25 Man Roster Through 2016

This spreadsheet is adapted from what I used for the SBN Winter Meetings Sim. It’ll be useful to refer to this season.

Offseason Homework Assignments - Nate Freiman

This week we examine Nate Freiman, Oakland's tall 1B/DH.

Morning After: Still Don’t Like Anderson Deal

A more thorough analysis of the reasons why this trade makes no sense

Offseason Homework Assignments - John Jaso

This week we examine John Jaso, Oakland's utility LH bat for 2014.

Front Side Hitting Mechanics

Let's take a break from the Offseason Homework Assignments and look at hitting mechanics. This one is pretty advanced, so hopefully you have recovered from the Thanksgiving food-coma.

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