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Open Thread: Game -5 (Colorado Rockies vs. Oakland Athletics)


  Its time to fight the mountain, as the A's start the first of two back to back games with the Rockies, and for more reminiscences about certain former A's players who are now on the Rocket's. The...

An Important Reminder As Brandon McCarthy Is Named 5th Starter


Why the A's Opening Day roster might be different than the one they want to have "very soon"...

Stadium Recap


  One of the biggest issues this off season has been what has not happened – a new stadium for our beloved Athletics. This off season has seen a lot of false hopes, and a lot of let downs instead....

A's, McCarthy, Get Shelled By Angels


Well, if the fifth starter job is going to be based on yesterday and today's games, then Tyson Ross would have an easy win over Brandon McCarthy. Ross allowed one lone run in his 5+ innings of work...

Open Thread: Game -6ish (Los Angeles Angels of LA vs. Oakland Athletics)


HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!! Do you realize what this means? That's right, ONE WEEK UNTIL OPENING DAY! I hope you're all as excited as I am; I'm anxious to end the practice games and get started with the...

Trevor Cahill Interview: Part II


Part II of a two-part series. In Part II, Cahill talks about his personality, personal interests and history, to let fans know a bit more about who he is.

Open Thread: Spring Training - A's at Diamondbacks


The last time Bobby Cramer pitched, I was watching and I have to say that he looked like a substitute teacher, only not quite as effective at control anything. Not that he didn't throw strikes --...

Trevor Cahill Interview: Part I


Part I of a two-part exclusive interview with A's starting pitcher Trevor Cahill. In Part I, Cahill talks about pitching; in Part II Cahill talks about his personality and off-field interests.

Open Thread: Game -8ish (Oakland Athletics at Chicago Cubs)


With the season creeping ever closer, the A's look to sort out the last few roster decisions in the next week of games. Today the A's take on the Cubs as Gio Gonzalez takes on Silva. Lineups: C...

Visualizing Home Run Champions Over the Years


A visualization of the home run leaders of each season over time, plotted against the average home run rate each year.

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