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So...When DO You Bunt?


I hate the sacrifice bunt. If you've been around AN for any length of time, no doubt, you have heard this before. I think there is nothing worse than watching a major league player square to bunt,...

A's Can't Sniff Coke, But Can Walk 11 (They Lose)


A's lose in rather embarrassing fashion, getting shutout by Phil Coke, walking 11, and having really bad hair.

Open Thread: Game 13 - A's vs. Tigers (cont.)


Shockingly, the A's have been unable to score for 7 innings and now go to the 8th trailing 1-0.

Open Thread: Game 13 - A's vs. Tigers (cont.)


Gio escapes trouble with runners at 2nd and 3rd to keep it 0-0 going to the bottom of the 5th.

Open Thread: Game 13 - A's vs. Tigers


Enjoy the first 9 innings, and then we'll figure out who gets to win the actual game. The A's host the Tigers having played five extra inning games on their nine-game road trip. However, overall...

Round I To The Rangers - But Round II To The A's


There are many, many different parts to a baseball season, and in the AL West only two rounds have been played: One has gone to Texas, the other to Oakland.

A's Rise From Ashes To Destroy White Sox for Series Win


It didn't look good for the green and gold as today's game went into the ninth inning. Plagued by more sloppy play, including another Kouzmanoff error, the A's found themselves on the short end of...


Open Thread: Game 12 (Oakland Athletics at Chicago White Sox)

Welcome to another fabulous game of day baseball, brought to you by the Oakland Athletics! After a crushing (but not all that surprising considering the bases loaded fail) extra-innings loss last...

Alexei Ramirez Crushes Oakland's Win Streak With Two Home Runs


Neither starting pitcher lasted long, but Trevor Cahill was worse off, with big problems with the movement and the location of his pitches. A's TV color commentator Ray Fosse noted that he was...


Open Thread: Game 11 (Oakland Athletics at Chicago White Sox)

Don't look now, but the A's are 5-5 and tied for second place in the AL West, after riding a three game winning streak from Minnesota to Chicago. Oakland looks to make it four in a row tonight, as T...

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