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CT Threads and Minor League Baseball


Following Emperor Nobody’s call to arms to call out for an extended post game slot for Chris Townsend, our efforts seem to be working, but it would still be good if we can get the call out some...

Brett Anderson Awesome As Always, A's Offense Terrible As Usual


Yes, it's game number seven. Yes, I understand that I can't make a sound judgement about the offense in the first week, and I reserve the right to be wrong. But it closely resembles the same old...


Open Thread - Game 7 (Oakland Athletics at Minnesota Twins)

Welcome to Minnesota's Opening Day! We can only hope it goes as well for the Twins as our Opening Day did for us. The one thing we have going for us is that it's a day game; we'll take anything we...

Friday Open Thread: Musings About the Week


Well, if there is one thing that the A's did well this opening week of baseball, it's winning during the day. Now, granted, this is not an overall good plan to win a lot of baseball games, since...

Daylight Saves A's Again; Cahill, Conor Shine


Trevor Cahill dominates Jays, A's win 2-1.

Open Thread: Game 6 - A's at Toronto


Let's hope the AN bullpen is stronger right now than the A's bullpen, as the starter will be knocked out before the National Anthem with a severe case of "day job". Three key members of AN's...

Braden Would Like One Pitch Back - Snider's Homerun Seals Loss For A's


Well, you won't find it in the box score, but if you know how well (and by "well", I mean "couldn't field the ball using a garbage can") our defense has played lately, you probably already assume...


Open Thread: Game 5 - Oakland Athletics vs. Toronto Blue Jays

I don't know about you, but I'm barely recovered from the brutal loss that was last night's performance. I was so excited for the season to start, and with the exception of Sunday's game, the A's...

Hey, At Least We're Not the Red Sox or Tampa Bay?


If you didn't catch Dan's post yesterday, go back it read it. It's that good.  Update from SF Gate: Tyson Ross has joined the team in Toronto. We don't yet know why. From Susan Slusser: I've just...

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