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Tigers Avoid Near-Insurmountable 3-0 Hole, Roar Back to Cut ALCS to 2-1


Oh, phew. We have ourselves a series, folks. Even speaking from an unbiased objective standpoint, it's in everyone's best interest for a fun and exciting series, not a lopsided slam dunk. The last...

Open Playoffs Thread: ALCS Game Three


Can anyone beat the Rangers? Anyone at all? Nelson Cruz hit a ridiculous walk-off grand slam in the 11th to bring the Tigers to two games back last night. If Detroit loses again tonight...this...

It's A Wrap: Texas Goes Up 2-0, Cards Tie it at 1


ALCS (Texas 7, Detroit 3; Texas leads 2-0) I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it's not very often that you will see a score of 7-3 put up by the home team in extra innings. Texas scored the...

Championship Games, Games 2


We join Texas/Detroit for the ALCS, already in progress. The Rangers lead the Tigers 2-0; we're in the third inning. The Rangers also lead the series 1-0. Here are your lineups: 1. Austin...

The Billy Beane I Know: The Man Behind the Moneyball Myth


Billy Beane isn't that picture of a man obsessed with stat sheets and throwing furniture. He's much more than that and I can tell you first hand.

ALCS Day Two, NLCS Day One


League Championship Series start and continue...

Open Thread: ALCS Game 1/2...


We're in a rain delay, as in the top of the 5th inning CJ Wilson's douchiness has turned to liquid, and fallen from the sky with such douchy-force that they have been forced to put the tarp on the...

Open Thread: ALCS Game 1 - Tigers vs. Annoying Antler-Claw People


The Detroit Tigers have their ace ready Justin time! Working on normal rest, Tigers' ace Justin Verlander gets the call in Game 1 against the smack-talking CJ Wilson who, in contrast to fellow...

Central Casting: Let's Hear It For The Middle Of The Country!


We're down to the Final Four and the Eastern Divisions have been dealt a shutout, while only if you lean far enough to your left might you be able to convince yourself that Texas is on the West...

Playoffs - Day 8 - The One With Two More Game 5's!


Hey, don't mind me and my late game thread. We've got two games for you today, starting right now! The Diamondbacks are taking on the Brewers in a match-up of Kennedy vs. Gallardo. I'm rooting hard...

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