GOG 2014 #12 - vs. Washington Nationals - ANSWERS POSTED

As nobody signed up for this GOG - I am putting up an emergency one to keep it going so that we have a GOG for this series. However, I m asking for people to please sign up - so far there is just a small handful of us who have been preparing the GOGs. For others who are participating, please sign up and put a few together to keep this going. Again, I think its adds some fun to watching the games and following the team.

Now, for the GOG. After a couple of rough series we have the Nationals coming in for the three games of interleague baseballl. Luckily, its in our ballpark, so we don't have to worry about our pitchers looking silly at the plate, and potentially hurting themselves.

1. Series Outcome. (3 points)

A's Sweep.

2. The DH. Since playing interleague in an AL stadium, there will be a DH - so the Nationals do not have to use their starting pitcher in the lineup, an unusual occurrence for them. The A's also tend to switch their DH around, so don't have a set one, and the Nationals have to decide who to use in each game. For each team's DH position (regardless of who the player is), guess PA/H/XBH/K for the series. (2 points each) Does either team have an HR from the DH spot during the series? (1 point) (17 points total)

A's: 13 PA/3 H/1 XBH/2 K.

Nationals: 12 PA/ 1H/0 XBH/4 K.

Yes, Hr.

3. The Starting Pitchers. For each team, select the starting pitcher with the most: a) innings pitched; b) hits allowed; c) earned runs; d) strikeouts; e) walks. (2 points each) (20 points possible)

A's: a) Milone; b) Gray; c) Gray; d) Milone; e) Milone

Nationals: a) Roark; b) Fister/Gio; c) Gio; d) Roark; e) Gio

4. The Trade. In 2011, the A' s traded starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez to the Nationals. At the time, he had just put up a great season and was clearly considered a rising star, and in return the A's got prospects AJ Cole, Brad Peacock, Tommy Milone, and Derek Norris. Cole and Peacock are gone from the A's, but Gonzalez, Milone, and Norris are all likely to participate in this series. For Gonzalez, predict: IP/ER/K/BB. (2 points each). For Norris, predict PA/H/XBH. (2 points each) (14 points possible)

Gio: 4.1 IP/ 7 ER/4 K/3 BB

Norris: 10 PA/4 H/ 2 XBH/ 0 K

5. Bullpens. For each team, select one relief pitcher, and guess IP/ER/K. (2 points each) (12 points total)


Rodriguez: 1 ip/0 er/1 k

Gregerson: 1 IP/0 ER/1 K

Doolittle: 2.0 ip/0 ER/3 K

Savery: 1 ip/0 er/0 k

Johnson: 1 IP/1 ER/1 K


Detwiler: 2.1 ip/1 er/2 k

Barrett: 2.1 IP/0 ER/1 K

Clippard: .1 ip/0 er/0 k

Soriano: 1 IP/2 ER/ 0 K

Storen: .2 ip/1 er/0 k

Stammen: 1.2 IP/0 ER/1 K

Blevins: 1 IP/0 ER/0 K

6. Miscellaneous. Predict:

a) Total runs for series. (2 points) - 25

b) Total Home Runs for series. (1 point) - 7

c) Total errors (1 point) - 6

d) Total stolen bases. (1 point) - 1

(5 points possible)

Please submit your guesses prior to the first pitch of the game on Friday at 7:05 pm. Total points possible: 71.

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