GOG 2014 #16 - "Shoot all the blue jays....(A's @ Blue Jays) ANSWERS POSTED

but remember, it's a sin to kill a mockingbird." - Harper Lee

And, apropos of nothing, the A's are in English-speaking Canada today. After coming within a strike of a second straight sweep on the road, the A's begin a three game set against the Blue Jays today at the the indoor-outdoor sports centre known as Roger. The Jays are on a roll, having won 8 out of their last 10 games. The A's have also won 8 out of their last 10. Though the A's offense cooled indoors in Tampa, the team is still second in MLB in runs scored for the year. The Jays are fourth. So let's all strap in and get ready for a wild ride in which lotza runz are scored. Or not. This is baseball after all.

score your last GOG

your Oakland Athletics

Toronto Blue Jays



1. Series outcome, 3 game set. Typically, 3 points. Double your points if you accurately call a sweep for either team.

3-0 Blue Jays sweep

(6 pts. possible)

2. Starters. Blue Jays will start an rookie in his MLB debut Australian making his first big league start this year, a children's book author and J.A. Happ. The A's will counter with Kazmir, Chavez, and Pomeranz.

For each team, name the starter who:

  • Throws the most first pitch strikes. Kazmir (17) / Dickey (19)
  • Faces the most batters. Kazmir (24) / Dickey (31)
  • Induces the most ground ball outs.Chavez & Pomeranz (8) / Dickey (13)
  • Induces the most fly ball outs. Kazmir (6) / Happ (11)
  • Records the highest game score. Kazmir & Pomeranz (43) / Happ (73)

(2 points each for 20 possible)

3. Brett Lawrie, a hot up and comer the last couple of years, has yet to realize his full potential. He started slow at the dish this season, though has (sort of) picked it up of late. Josh Donaldson is the Bringer of Rain - need I say more? For both, guess for the series - PA/H/BB/K/E

Donaldson - 12PA/ 1H/ 3BB/ 2K/ 0E

Lawrie - 11PA/ 2H/ 0B/ 2K/ 0E

(2 pts each, 20 possible)

4. Reddick loves Rogers Centre. Remember this? For Reddick, predict - XBH/RBI/Runs scored for the series ((2 pts each for 12 possible). Does he have an outfield assist in the series? (Y/N, 1 pt.) Just for the hell of it, guess the same for Jays RFer, .Jose Baustista I've heard he's a decent player too.

Reddick - 0 XBH/ 0RBI/ 0RS/


Bautista - 0XBH/ 2RBI/ 0RS/


(13 pts. possible)

5. Potpouri -

a) Total # of GIDP for the series, both teams combined.


G1- Blanks x2

G2 - Bautista x2

G3 - Katz

b) Total # of pinch hitter PA for the series, both teams combined (only the first appearance by that player is a PH appearance, duh).


G1 - Callaspo (for Reddick)

G2 - Lowrie (for Reddick) / Tolleson (for Francisco)

G3 - Jaso (for Blanks) / Lind (for Pillar)

c) Total # of relievers used for the series, both teams combined. Counting players, not appearance - i.e., If Doolittle is used twice, he is still only one reliever.


G1 - Johnson / Loupe, Delabar, Cecil, Janssen

G2 - Rodriguez, Francis / McGowan, (Cecil)

G3 - (Johnson), Grergerson, Abad / (McGowan, Janssen)

d) Total # of hits with runners in scoring position, both teams combined.


G1 - 1 (Cespedes)

G2 - 1 (Cespedes)

G3 - 1 (Bautista)

(2 points each, 8 possible)

6. Watch it...FLY! The Jays lead MLB in HR with 65 through 46 games, that's 1.38 per game. The A's have hit 49 HR through 46 games, good for 8th in the majors, 1.07 a game. In this three game series in Rogers Centre, name as many or as few players as you like from each team who you predict will hit a HR in the series. Score 2 points for each player you name that does hit a HR; subtract 1 point for each player you name who does not hit a HR. No negative total. You are of course welcome to guess "no one" if you think no one from one or both teams will homer in the series. If you do, and you are correct, score 3.

G1 - Moss (384) / Tolleson (379)

G2 - Cespedes (417) / Lawrie (386)

G3- Donaldson (448) / Encarnacion (405)

Additionally, name the player (one player only) who hits the longest HR in the series. I will use this site to determine HR lengths unless someone requests I use a different one: ESPN Home Run Tracker. Score 3 points if you name the correct player. Score 5 points if you guess "no HR in the series" and you are correct.


GO A's!

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