GOG 2014 #13 - The White Sox Are From The South Side Of Chicago, And That's The Baddest Part Of Town (ANSWERS POSTED)

Referencing Jim Croce doesn't make me old, does it? Oh, good. Perhaps later I'll work in something from the Wizard of Id.

The White Sox can hit a ton, but pitching, as always, is the great leveler. Even with Chris Sale in their rotation, this is a mediocre staff. And Chris Sale is on the DL. It's going to be an exciting race between Chicago and Kansas City for 2nd place in the AL Central!

Probable Pitchers

Score Your Last GOG

THE QUESTIONS (73 points possible, if you include all bonuses)

1. SERIES OUTCOME (3 points) A's 2-1

2. RUN, RUN, RUN LINE It's 2:15 pm on Sunday. The White Sox have scored 1 Run through 8 Innings against Arizona. The A's are throttling poor Gio to the tune of 7 Runs through 3.2 Innings. Yeah, let's just go with that. Predict Over/Under 7.5 Runs for each game, both teams combined. (1 point each, 3 total) OVER/OVER/UNDER

3. CONTRASTS At the tender age of 25, Drew Pomeranz has started 31 games in the Majors. Scott Carroll finally made it to The Show at age 29. He has 3 MLB starts under his belt. They are scheduled to face off on Tuesday. Predict IP/H/ER/BB/K for each of them (2 points each). Take 1 extra point for each correct IP guess involving a fraction of an Inning. (22 points possible with the fraction bonuses) If either Pitcher is scratched, their part of the question applies to Tuesday's SP. Feel free to revise before game time on Tuesday. POMERANZ: 5/3/0/2/8 CARROLL: 5/11/6/1/2

4. CUBA LIBRE I just can't pass this one up; Yoenis Cespedes and Jose Abreu share a common bond, after all. And by that, I mean that they're both Right-Handed Power Hitters. Hell of a coincidence. Predict AB/H/XBH for each of them (2 points each) Does Cespy hit a Home Run? Does Abreu? (1 point each, 14 total) CESPEDES: 12/3/1 NO HR ABREU: 12/3/2 YES, HR

5. BULLPEN CONNECT 4 For each team, name the Relief Pitcher who:

a) Pitches the most Innings OTERO/BELISARIO

b) Gives up the most Hits ABAD/FRANCISCO, LINDSTROM

c) Walks the most Batters ABAD/WEBB

d) Notches the most Strikeouts ABAD, DOOLITTLE, OTERO, GREGERSON/DOWNS, BELISARIO (2 points per RP, 4 per category) Cleto got DFA'd on the 10th, which caught a bunch of us off guard, including me!

A tie in any category counts for points. Zeros for any category do not constitute a tie. No points for that team in that category, unless you specifically guess "zero" or "nobody". Take an extra 3 points if you correctly guess both Pitchers in at least one category. Take an extra 4 points if you correctly guess either team's pitchers in all four categories. 4 points max for this part. (23 points, if you run the table!)


a) 18.5 IP for A's Starters OVER

b) 5.5 Home Runs, both teams combined OVER

c) 3.5 Stolen Bases, both teams combined UNDER

d) 4.5 Errors, both teams combined UNDER

(2 points each, 8 total)

Answers due by Monday, 7:05 pm PDT. Good Luck, and Let's Go A's!

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