GOG 2014 #1 - Opening Series of the Season v. Cleveland - ANSWERS POSTED

I have not seen another GOG put out for this first series so decided to put one up and see how it goes. If there is interest, we will continue it. I hope that there is.

For those who may be new, the GOG is a season-long contest where participants take turns coming up with questions for each series and the others guess the outcomes, and each participant keeps their own score. I have had a lot of fun participating in it - last year was the first that I was pretty much in it from start to finish and it really added to my experience of following the A's.

Here we go:

1. Series Outcome. (3 points)

2-1 Indians

2. For the first time in forever . . . The A's are not facing Felix Hernandez to begin the season. Instead we are seeing the matchup of last year's late season sensation, Sonny Gray versus Justin Masterson, a good pitcher but certainly no King Felix. For each starter, guess, IP/H/BB/K. (2 points each) Who gets the Win (Neither is acceptable answer)? (1 points) (17 possible points)

Gray: 6/5/3/7

Masterson: 7/3/1/4

Neither gets win.

3. MVP, MVP, MVP . . . Last year, Josh Donaldson, had an MVP-caliber year, and was obviously a huge part of the A's success, can he keep it going this year? Predict Donaldson's AB/H/BB/K/XBH for the series. (2 points each) Any errors? (1 point) (11 possible)

14/2/0/3/0 No errors.

4. The Indians Hot Corner . . . The Indians are attempting to convert Carlos Santana from Catcher to third base, it at least is expected to be an experiment in the first week, we'll see. Predict Santana's AB/H/BB/K/XBH for the series. (2 points each) How many games does he start at 3B? (1 point) Any errors? (1 point) (12 points possible)

11/3/3/0/1. 2 starts at 3B. Yes, error.

5. The New Guys . . . The A's several new players this year, but of course the biggest acquisition was probably Jim Johnson. On the offensive side, not much changed in the makeup, however, Nick Punto as a utility infielder is probably the new player that will get the most ABs. For Johnson, predict: # of Appearances/Ks/Saves. (2 points each). For Punto, predict: Games played/ABs/H. (2 points each) (12 points possible)

Johnson: 2 appearances/0k/0 saves.

Punto: 2 GP/5 ab/0 h

6. WPA ... Predict one position player from each team for each game who has the highest WPA for the game. (2 points each) (12 points possible) You do not need to specify the game that they get highest WPA, just pick the three for each team. If you think one player will be highest WPA in more than one game, you have to list them that number of times.

Game 1: Donaldson, Brantley; Game 2: Callaspo, Brantley; Game 3: Moss, Brantley

7. Standings . . . There were a lot of changes in the Division with this year with big names coming into the division such as Fielder to the Rangers and Cano to the Mariners - should be an interesting year. Predict the record at the end of the first series for each team, other than the A's in the AL West. (1 point each) (4 points possible)

Mariners: 3-0; Angels: 0-3; Rangers: 2-1; Astros (SERIES STILL IN PROGRESS, CURRENTLY 2-0)

Please have your answers in by 7:05 on Monday March 31. Total points possible for the Series - 71

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