Spring Training Recap: A's 16, White Sox 6

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Welp. That game was a total failure. But only because I subscribe to the "save the best for last" philosophy. The A's put up 9 in the first inning, kicking Jose Quintana to the curb before recording a single out on their way to a 15-3 16-6 romp. (Side note- I started writing this in the bottom of the fifth, if the final score is 15-3 I am indeed a wizard). Edit: DAMMIT

Leading the charge for the A's was everyone, followed by Jed Lowrie, who's three run homer 17 seconds in the game set the tone for the rest of the day. Every starter on the A's recorded a hit before the 6th inning except Alberto Callaspo who had three walks and reached on an error. It was that kind of day.

Other offensive highlights include

-Michael Taylor, doubling and tripling in the early onslaught.

-Sam Fuld knocking a triple with his patented "my bat is larger than me look", crushing a 3-2 fastball over deep second baseman Avisail Garcia's head.

-Daric Barton crushed a line drive down the line and hit a double. The line drive was caught but the baseball Gods made up for it, granting Barton an RBI single on a slow roller to shortstop Alexi Ramirez who's defensive day epitomized the White Sox' efforts.

-Norris also joined the double parade before giving way to Giminez in the 6th.

-Jake "tickle me" Elmore had a couple knocks. I don't know anything about Jake Elmore. Sorry.

-Hiroyiki Nakajima had a pair of singles, plating a run.

-The A's combined for 7 walks

Other players of note to appear in this game included once exciting prospect Tyler Ladendorf, acquired in the Orlando Cabrera trade, Connor "cool name" Crubmliss, and Nate "the great albeit late to the party" Freiman. None of those players would do anything too exciting save a hit for Crumbliss, which frankly is all I'm looking for when we're up by two touchdowns.

Defensively, the A's were solid. Jesse Chavez was equal parts new Jesse equal parts old, giving up a couple runs on a couple dingerz in 4 and 2/3. He didn't exactly breeze through the day, but it was nice to see him battle when he wasn't at his best, and I imagine a 10 run Spring Training game is an ideal time to work on some stuff. The homeruns are a problem, but they came on awful location misses- up and in the heart of the zone. If he can limit those location mistakes like he did last year, he'll be in good shape. His stuff looked decently sharp and he will hopefully be a more than a passable replacement for Parker/Griffin.

Chavez ran into some trouble in the 5th inning, being pulled with two outs and the bases loaded. Adam Dunn promptly shut the door on the White Sox with an assist from Dan Otero. Otero pitched well enough, going a 2 1/3, giving up a solo shot to Jordan Danks in the process. It's nice to see him stretch his arm out a little, with Chavez in the rotation someone needs to take his place as an emergency mop up or extra innings safety net. Otero seems like a potential fit for that role. Evan Scribner and Nolan Sanburn slammed the door on the Sox in the last two frames, Scribner with slighly more vigor than Sanburn who gave up a 3 spot just to be nice. Sanburn is an interesting prospect, but is still a ways away apparently. He supposedly has a live arm, and his stuff looked decent on Gameday (I didn't see a single pitch he threw).

Last note from today, Hawk Harrelson is in midseason form, which is a shame. I have never been so happy to call Ray Fosse and Glenn my very own.

Anyway, it was a pleasure hosting you all today. Sit tight my friends, the season is almost here!

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