Spring Training Game Thread: A's vs. White Sox

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Note: This is an audition for a regular game thread position. Feel free to offer any feedback or criticism. Am I posting this in the right spot? I hope so. We're off to a good start.

Speaking of good starts, the A's lost 40% of their starting rotation yesterday. Griffin's injury is supposedly minor, but this is the A's and we're all going to die, most likely of elbow tendinitis.

There's nothing in sports quite like the starting rotation. It takes years of scouting, drafting, teaching, and grooming to find a single passable pitcher, and in the blink of an eye that player's career can be on the rocks. And you need FIVE of them. These guys don't grow on trees or in our farm system (right now).

I think Parker's injury is especially tough to see because he had all the makings of a great pitcher. And not just any great pitcher, a great A's pitcher. Even though we didn't draft him, he had that homegrown feel. Watching him pitch in the playoffs was like watching my son grow up before my eyes. I think, I don't have a son and Parker is older than me, but you get the idea. There's just something special about watching a young A's pitcher figure it out, because it's the only way we can afford great pitching, the Oakland way. We play in a decrepit stadium and our payroll matches, but we still find these great young, fearless guns, pound of chewing tobacco in cheek ready to take on the best. Get healthy, Man-crush.

Anyway, emo rant over, time for some baseball! I love playing the White Sox. I've been to two games against the White sox that I remember specifically. I saw Cespedes hit a walkoff dinger in 2012 in like the 17th inning at the The other time Jermaine Dye waved (07ih?). It was that godawful game where Gio gave up like 12 runs on 15 homeruns in two and a third back when we were miserable. Point being, playing the Sox is exciting! Who knows what's in store today.

Jesse Chavez will make the start today, something you better get used to seeing. Daric Barton will get the start at DH, something you better not get used to seeing. Jake Emlore will hit right in front of Sam Fuld, which kinda sounds like Elmer Fudd. That's about as excited as I can get about our 8-9 hitters.

Complete Lineups for today's gameBjbs8dccqaavker_medium


Other thoughts for today's game:

-Should I get a twitter? I kind of want one to follow A's players/wives and to stay up to date on the news and so when people talk about tweets (because for some unknown reason people do that) I can be a part of the conversation. Is it worth it? Who A's-related is good to follow?

-How is the roster shaping up? I really hope Vogt keeps crushing it and makes the team. I get this odd attachment to fringe players where I imagine they can't feed their family unless they make the bigs. Vogt fall under that strange, strange fantasy.

-I know Spring Training Stats are mostly useless, but seriously Yoenis, get it together. Zero homeruns isn't good. You have fully rounded into mid-2013 shape, now if you could please revert back to mid-2012 I can sleep tonight.

I look forward to watching gamecast with you all today! I should be here for the duration minus a short 30 minute meeting I have to attend. Can you believe the nerve of my employer wanting me to do work during Spring Training? Sheesh.

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