Recap-A's Rock Rockies Despite Dingers 10-5

Christian Petersen

The first game under the lights turns out to be pretty eventful. There were plenty of runs, a successful challenge leading to a play being overturned, and a Hooker on the mound. Yes Derek, Daric, Derrick Deryk Hooker actually might have been one of the bright spots of this spring training game. Not so much for what he did on the mound, but for coming in relieve of A.J. Griffin, who really struggled on the mound today. Now his struggles may have been related to him working on some things, but it was obvious that the speed looked off all night and he gave up two no doubters for homeruns. Griffin was removed after reaching his pitching limit and left in the 4th inning of the game.

The game began with plenty of action. The top of the 1st started off with a hit by pitch that was quickly followed up by a throw out at second base for the first out. However AJ Griffin did not get out of the first inning clean, as a Charlie Culberson double was followed up by a fly ball RBI single that just landed in front of Coco Crisp to open the scoring of the game. The A's countered at the bottom of the inning with what could be the top half of the A's opening day lineup. Both Crisp and Donaldson led off the game with walks. Later a hard hit ball to third base by Yoenis Cespedes would lead to the A's first run of the inning. The A's would add one more on a infield single by Josh Reddick.

The lead would not last as Griffin gave up a lead off homerun to power hitting catcher Wilin Rosario and then a two run homerun a inning later to Tim Wheeler. Griffin would soon after depart from the game and concluded what ended up being a tough night for him. Thankfully it is spring training and no real harm was done. Griffin will likely have a few more starts before the season begins to get things settled.

The A's would not go quiet tonight, and manage to take back and hold on to the lead the rest of the night. Most of the damage came from a base clearing double by Jed Lowrie in the bottom of the 4th. Josh Donaldson added another run in the 6th and Chris Gimenez joined in on the run production in the 7th. In total, the A's managed to knock in 10 runs in the game and claim the victory.

Quick Notes from tonight:

Jesse Chavez went 4 innings after Deryk Hooker and Luke Gregerson came in relieve of Griffin. Chavez has garnered some praise for a strong spring.

New Review System: As mentioned above, Bob Melvin successfully overturned a call in the 2nd inning of the game. Coco Crisp was originally called out on a play at 1st base. Melvin did not take long to go out onto the field and use his challenge. After a few minutes of review, it was magically overturned and Coco trotted back onto 1st base. However, another challenge in the 8th was not overturned, as Daniel Robertson was called out on a close play at 1st base.

Griffin's explanation for his speed:

Susan Slusser ‏@susanslusser 6m

Griffin was working mid-80s much of night; he tells me it's a little mid-spring dead-arm stretch, not uncommon.

Tomorrow the A's do it all over again against the Royals. They will have Dan Straily on the mound and will be borrowing Daniel Robertson from minor league camp and plugging him in the lineup at shortstop. Game time will be back at the usual 1:00 PM PT time slot.

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