We all know that the A's know their way around a platoon, or 4. But there seems to be more opportunities for switching things around to me.

We all know Norris is going to be facing lefties, with Vogt seeing righties more often than not. Ideally, Norris could take a step forward and be able to at least handle righties, but I don't think it's smart to plan on that. Vogt is a decent compliment for Norris, anyways.

At second, I can't imagine anyone other than Soggy facing righties (maybe Callaspo every so often, if he's still around), with the right-handed side of the platoon going to Punto. I've never seen him in person, but just from the stats, he should be a solid, if not good, second piece of the puzzle at second. He's hit .295 as a righty against lefties from 2011 through 2013, and .263 against left-handers in his career.

Another aspect I'd like to discuss is Lowrie. On days a lefty is starting, Punto is in the starting lineup. From what I've read on THE INTERNET, Punto is a good defender at short. Would Melvin consider putting Lowrie at second on days a lefty is playing, with Punto taking over at short?

Brandon Moss is the obvious starter at first on days a righty is on the mound, and as with Norris, hopefully he can improve against lefties to the point where he can handle his own. The idea of having Callaspo be the other side of the platoon has also been floated around, and it may be the best option at this point (Jeff Baker!), but it's definitely an area we could improve on.

Here is where I see BoMel concocting some mischief. At DH, it is sounding like Jaso will be the left handed side of the platoon, and the right-handed side is going to be an assortment of Cespedes, Crisp, Callaspo and Gentry. On days a lefty is on the mound, I would mostly imagine Cespedes gets a half-day off and slides into the DH spot, with Gentry going over to Left. And of course, Crisp should be getting rest and Gentry can handle center in his absence. More than happy with that.

But on days with a lefty on the mound, should Melvin be considering sitting Reddick in favor of Gentry? I realize it means Jaso or Callaspo would have to play DH, therefor the match-up isn't perfect. But as much as Crisp and Cespedes need rest, Reddick could sure use a few days off this season, as well. We all know he isn't as good against lefties, but he's not astounding against anyone right now until he proves otherwise, and the defense from Reddick to Gentry seems like a wash. I'd rather have Jaso against a lefty than Reddick.

So I want to hear what you guys think! Will Reddick be platooned with Gentry if he struggles to begin the year? Do you think Vogt be able to handle lefties over a full season? Would Jaso be pressed into catching duties if Vogt were to falter? Will Lowrie be moving between second and short at all? Do you think Callaspo can handle first, or will we have to call on Freiman at some point early on?

Got my tix for opening day, going with my best friend, and we won't be anywhere near King Felix!!! Can't freaking wait!

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