A's 2013 Farm Reports

Down On The Farm: A's Organizational All-Star Team


With the Cal League and the Midwest League having just had their All-Star breaks and the minor league teams at the halfway points in their seasons, it's a good time to take a step back and...

Down On The Farm: Eric Kubota on the A's Draft


I had the opportunity to talk with A's scouting director Eric Kubota this week and got his take on the A's top 12 draft picks from the first 10 rounds of this year's amateur draft.

Contextualizing Renato Nunez


A's prospect Renato Nunez is slugging .500 in the Midwest League as a 19-year-old. However, he also has struck out almost five times as much as he's walked. What can we make of him by putting his...

Down On The Farm: A's Top 10 Draft Picks


With the draft completed on Saturday and 40 new players in the fold, I wanted to take the chance to zero in on the cream of the crop - the A's Top 10 picks - and provide some numbers and some video...

Are There Upgrades In Sacramento?


The A's top minor league team has a number of hot hitters. Would any of them represent upgrades for the green and gold?

Down On The Farm: Reddick's Trickle-Down Effect


We saw a great example of baseball's version of the trickle-down effect this week when outfielder Josh Reddick's return to the A's roster prompted a series of roster moves that effected players at...

Choice, Barfield, Peterson: Deconstructing the OFs


A detailed breakdown of promising and near-ready Oakland outfield prospects Michael Choice, Jeremy Barfield, and Shane Peterson, featuring several prospect videos.

Down On The Farm: A's Affiliates Winning Big!


The A's four affiliates were all big winners this week, going a combined 19-7 - and three of them recorded some really big wins. Sacramento scored 20 runs on Sunday, while last Monday, Stockton put...

What Can We Expect From Sonny Gray?


A detailed look at the present and future of top Oakland pitching prospect Sonny Gray.

Down On The Farm: Prospects Coming & Going


There have been an awful lot of comings and goings in the A’s system over the past week or so. Lefty Hideki Okajima's promotion to the A’s bullpen and perennial prospect Michael Taylor's return to...

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