Game Recap #159: Weaver Cruises, Straily Loses, 3-1

Aybar scores a run and the crowd goes agog; he then heads back to the dugout for a celebratory hot dog. - Jeff Gross

That game was kind of dull, so today's recap rhymes for no particular reason.

The A's faced the Angels, with the season nearly done;
One team played for seeding and the other just for fun.

The West had been decided, but home-field's on the line;
Oakland sat a single game behind Boston's starting nine.

Both teams were feeling tired from the season's long, hot days;
Trout sat out for Anaheim, and Donaldson for the A's.

The home team called its ace to take the ball for Wednesday's game;
And Jered Weaver had blanked the A's for 25 straight frames.

But the visitors felt confident, cause if you hadn't heard;
Dan Straily hadn't lost a start since August twenty-third.

The Angels In The Outfield are stars who make big bucks;
But today's cast looked like extras: Cowgill, Kalhoun, and Shuck.

And while Callaspo hoped to show L.A. his brand new Bernie Lean;
Oakland got another look at their old boy, Grant Green.

The two teams traded zeroes through the first three frames of play;
And it became quite clear a pitcher's duel was going to rule the day.

Shuck tried to stretch a double but Reddick erased the harm;
I'm shocked that teams keep running on the Gold Glover's arm.

The Angels manufactured a run in the bottom of the 4th;
To break the stalemate with their opponents from the north.

Erick Aybar got things started with a single struck with grace;
Then made his way to second with an easy stolen base.

He traveled on to third when a ground ball went to Sogard;
And ran for home when Hamilton hit one toward DarBar.

Barton had a play at home and knew he couldn't wait;
But his throw came high and wide as Aybar slid across the plate.

More trouble brewed thereafter as the fifth inning played out;
But it was borne of smoke and mirrors rather than mighty home run clout.

Ianetta drew a walk and Romine sacrificed him over;
And the Angels drew some luck as if they held a four-leaf clover.

Callaspo's throw to first was bad, and pulled Barton up the line; 
He let the ball go by instead of colliding with Romine.

Two runners on and no one out, and Scioscia gave the word;
Cowgill dropped another bunt -- they moved to second and third.

Infield drawn in for Shuck and he played right into their shift;
Lowrie got the out at home to give his team a lift.

But the damage would be done as Aybar bounced one up the middle;
A run came home and the Angels had increased their lead a little.

Then Hamilton beat out a grounder - oh, how fast he ran!
But the inning ended when Kole Calhoun committed a TOOTBLAN.

No matter, though, for Shuck had scored, and thanks to grit and will;
The Angels' lead went up once more -- it was now three runs to nil.

Hope returned when Oakland began the sixth with their own rally;
But only one lone run would be amended to their tally.

Coco hit a single, and then Sogard did likewise;
And runners were on the corners -- it was time to capitalize.

Lowrie did his part with a fly ball to deep left field;
And Oakland finally scored a run -- perhaps their bats were healed!

Moss popped out and Sogard stole and Cespy doinked a hit;
But Reddick's fly ball to deep left field plopped right into Shuck's mitt.

There's not much else to tell about this somewhat low-key game;
The Angels were victors, 3-1, and that is quite a shame.

But don't fret, my friends, for really, everything is looking good;
Detroit won't gain three games this week to pass us -- knock on wood.

And passing the Sox to be the top seed seems like it would be heaven;
But the Rays are hot, and Cleveland is tough -- they beat us five of seven.

The only thing that matters is the playoff berth is sealed;
Because anything can happen on October's baseball field.

The A's have three more games to go and Seattle is the host;
Then we'll gear up as playoff ball returns to the West Coast.

Felix and Colon start Friday as the season comes to a head;
Meet us here at seven -- Billy Frijoles will have your thread.

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