GOG 2013 #50 @ LAAA - After the Clinch... Watch! (Answers Posted)

One wonders what to do when the season ends a few days early. Try to catch Boston, I guess? Get some well deserved rest? Get the bullpen straightened out? Mostly, though, it is just time to.... Watch!


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Halos Heaven

Probable Pitchers

Do Your Homework! Score Your Last GOG - Final Homestand +Twinkies #49

The Questions

1. Series Outcome Watch, 3 Games. [3 points]

Angels, 2-1

2. Trout Watch. The Angels have this good, young player, Mike Trout. Turns out that he is managing to post some good numbers: .330/.436/.569. That's pretty good, right? And his OBP is like .498 since the ASB? Guess his H / BB+HBP / XBH. Is his OBP over .500 for the series? [2 points each, then 1 point, 7 total]

1 H / 1 BB+HBP / 0 XBH / No, OBP not over .500 (.250, 2-8)

3. Cabrera Watch. While Miguel Cabrera has been battling injuries, he has only 2 XBH in the month of September, and his OPS, which has otherwise been over 1.000 for the season, is .683. Since we might be seeing a bit of him soon, a groin-watch is in order. Guess his H / BB+HBP / XBH. Is his OPS over .700 for the series (against Minnesota)? [2 points each, then 1 point, 7 total] Note: If Cabrera sits out the series, this question is cancelled.

2 H / 1 BB+HBP / 0 XBH / No, OPS under .700

.167 (2-12) / .231 (3-13) / .167 (2-12) = OPS .398

4. A's Watch! The A's have 4 players over 20 HRs: Brandon Moss (27), Yoenis Cespedes (26), Josh Donaldson (24), and Coco Crisp (22), which equals 99 total. Do these guys get to a combined 100 HRs this series? If so, which of them gets the 100th HR? Bartolo Colon is tied for 2nd in the league with 17 Wins and tied for 1st with a 2.64 ERA. Does Colon get number 18; does his ERA go up or down? [Note: If Colon is pushed back past Wednesday, this part of the question is cancelled.] Less illustriously, A.J. Griffin's 35 Homeruns allowed and his 1.62 HR/9 both lead the league, the wrong way. Does Griffin get number 36; does his HR/9 go up or down? [2 points each, then 1 point each, 8 points total]

Yes, 100th HR / Moss, gets 100th

Yes, Griffin gives up HR #36 / HR/9 goes up (1.8 for the game)

5. Bench Watch. With the pennant well in hand, I wonder if there will be some additional distribution of PAs to the bench guys, even though the standard Melvin platooning does well at distributing rest for everyone except Donaldson. Guess Games Played / PA or PR for the following players: Michael Choice, Jemile Weeks, Andy Parrino. Same for the Pitcthers; guess Appearances / TBF for Pedro Figueroa, Evan Scribner, Pat Neshek. [2 points each, 24 points total]

Choice, 0 Games & 0 PA-PR / Weeks, 0 & 0 / Perrino, 0 & 0

Figueroa, 1 App. & 1 TBF / Scribner, 0 & 0 / Neshek 1 App. & 2 TBF

6. "The Right Way" Watch. For the first time in my GOG Career, there is no Obligatory WPA. I am not so worried about wins, as I am about getting things right on the field, and in the pen. For each game, do the A's play error-free ball? [Note: this requires three separate answers, though if you prefer, your one answer "yes" or "no" can apply individually to all three games.] If there are any errors, what is the most in a single game? During the whole series, do any A's get picked off/caught stealing? Do any A's get thrown out tagging, advancing, napping, etc., or any other general TOOTBLAN? If there are any, how many total TOOTBLANs in the series? Is there a WP/PB? Is there a BB of the first batter in an inning when the A's have the lead? Do any Inherited Runs score? If there are, how many? Is there a Blown Save? [1 point each, 12 points total]

Not Error-free in G.1 (Sogard) / Yes, Error-free, G.2 / Not Error-free in E, G.3 / Most Errors, 1

Yes, PO-CS (Reddick) / Yes, TOOTBLAN (Callaspo) / 1 TOOTBLANS in Series

No, WP-PB / No, BB to 1st Batter w/Lead

Yes, IRs Score / 1 IR Scores (Chavez) / No BS

7. Wild Card Watch. [1 point] Does Texas take back a spot in the Wild Card?

No WC Spot for those Texans Yet!

(Possible points = 62.)

Answers must be posted by Gametime (Monday, 7:05 p.m., left coast time).

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