GOG 2013 #49 - Final Homestand - A's v. Twins for 4 (Answers Posted)

The A's enter their final homestand for a 4-game set against the Twins - currently sitting atop the AL West by 6 games, with a magic number of 6.

1. Series outcome. (4 points)

A's Sweep!!!!!!!!

2. Home Runs. The A’s have been on a home run streak lately , in fact they are second in the major leagues in September with 23 home runs already this month. The Twins are tied for 9th this month with 17, so not too shabby themselves. How many home runs do the A’s hit this series? How many home runs do the Twins hit this series? (1 points each) Guess however many players who choose from each team who will hit a home run this series? (2 points for each correct answer, negative 1 point for each wrong answer. No negative scores - minimum points you can get for this answer is 0)

A's:11 - Callaspo (2), Lowrie (2), Crisp (2), Cespedes (2), Donaldson, Suzuki, Barton

Twins: 3 - Arcia (2), Pinto

3. The hot corner. Plouffe has had a pretty good season at 3B for the Twins, and Donaldson has had an amazing season. For both, guess: PA/H/RBI/K. (2 points each). Does either have an error. (1 point) (17 total)

Donaldson: 19/7/3/2, Error

Plouffe: 14/1/0/4

4. Final Game starters. Sunday is the last home game of the season - current scheduled starters are Sonny Gray and Liam Hendricks. For each guess: IP/H/ER/BB/K. (2 points each)(16 total points possible) (If either starter is changed, we will count the numbers you picked, or you can change your entry prior to first pitch on Sunday)

Gray: 5 IP/7 H/4 ER/2 BB/3 K

De Vries: 2 IP/4 H/6 ER/3 BB/1 K

5. The "A" team relievers. The big three in the pen for the A’s are Cook, Doolittle, and Balfour. Last year, they came up huge down the stretch, particularly shutting down the Rangers in the final three games of the season. They have struggled a bit this year, particularly Cook over the last couple weeks - and Balfour today (ugh.). For each reliever, guess IP/ER/BB/K. (2 points each) Do any of the three have a blown save? (1 point) (25 points total)

Cook: 1.1 IP/2 ER/4 BB/ 3K

Doolittle: 1.1 IP/0 ER/0 BB/0 K

No blown save.

6. Playoffs? Playoffs??? Yes, it is playoff time, so let’s do a little scoreboard watching. The A’s magic number at this point is 6. (May still go down prior to the start of tomorrow’s give if the Rays win tonight and tomorrow) a) Do the A’s clinch the AL West during this series? (1 point) b) The Rays and Rangers are currently tied atop the Wild Card standings, but the Indians are only ½ a game back, Orioles 2 games back, and Royals and Yankees 3 ½ games back. At end of series, who are the two AL Wild Card teams? (1 point per team) c) All the action in the NL surrounds the Central Division. The Cardinals lead the Pirates by a game, and the Reds by 2 ½ games. All three will likely get in - though two will have to play each other in the Wild Card game. The Pirates and Reds play three against each other this weekend in Pittsburgh while the Cardinals play the Brewers in Milwaukee. Rank the NL Central top three - Cardinals, Pirates, Reds - in order at end of series. (1 point each) (6 points total)

A's - YES, A's Clinch!!!!

AL Wild Card - Tampa Bay, Cleveland

NL Central - St. Louis,, Cincinnatti (tied), Pittsburgh (1 point each if you had Cincinnati and Pittsburh in 2/3, whichever way)

Entries due by 7:05 pacific time on Thursday September 19.

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