GOG 2013 #47- BIG SERIES - A's v. rangers (Answers Added)

Well, this series really needs no extra hype or discussion. A's head to Texas for a three-game series with a 3 1/2 game lead over Texas for the division and 16 games to play. Yeah, pretty important. And also means only 4 more GOGs after this one - and the race for first is still very close. So, here we go!

1. Series Outcome. (3 points)

A's SWEEP!!!!!!

2. 1b/RF Dilemma - Reddick is now off the DL and his wrist seems to be feeling better based on his performance the last two games. Moss is continuing to hit the cover off the ball. And Daric Barton is now also playing well, getting important hits and making some great defensive plays at 1B. For each, guess PA/H/XBH. (2 points each) How many games does Barton start at 1B? How many games does Moss start at RF? (1 point each)(20 points possible)

Reddick: 7/2/1; Moss: 8/2/2; Barton: 8/1/0. Barton: 2 start at 1B. Moss: 0 starts at RF.

3. Starting Pitchers. For each team, rank the starting ptichers by highest game score to lowest game score. (2 points each) What is the highest starting pitchers' game score for the series? What is the lowest starting pitchers' game score in the series? (3 points exact, 1 point if +/- 3) (Just choosing one total for the series, not one for each team) (18 points possible)

A's: Colon - 74; Straily - 57; Milone - 55. (Just substitute Milone where you had Parker)

Rangers: Darvish - 74; Perez - 48; Holland - 20

High: 74; Low: 20.

4. The Bullpens. For each question guess A's, Rangers or Tie: a) most saves; b) most wins by bullpen; c) most total innings pitched by bullpen; d) most strike outs by bullpen; e) most blown saves. (1 point each, 5 points total)

Saves: A's (2-0)

Wins: Tie

Innings: Rangers (10.2-9.1)

K's: A's (10-7)

Blown Saves: Tie

5. WPA. Guess the position player on each team with the highest WPA for each game. (2 points for each correct guess) Guess which game you think each of your guesses will be the highest WPA (1 extra point for each player guessed with correct game) (18 points total points possible)

A's: Game 1: Donaldson (.280), Game 2: Donaldson (.044); Game 3: Chris Young (.143)

Rangers: Game 1: Kinsler (.109), Game 2: Andrus (.029); Game 3: Adducci (.155)

6. Scoreboard Watching .. Oh, Nevermind, this is the only series that matters this weekend .. so Miscellaneous.

a) What is the total runs scored for the series? (2 points)

b) What is the total combined home runs for the series? (2 points)

c) What is the total stolen bases for series (1 point)

d) What are the total errors for series? (1 point)

a) 24 runs

b) 6 home runs

c) 5 stolen bases

d) 2 errors

Entries are due by first pitch on Friday at 5:05 pacific time. Total Points possible is 70.

Good Luck and Go A's!

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