This Post Brought To You By The Number 15

Hannah Foslien

The Oakland A's have played in 23 games decided by 15 or more runs, since 1968. Including last night, they have won the last 10.

The A’s reduced their magic number to 15 last night as they crushed Minnesota, 18-3. It was the 15th time that the Oakland A's have won a game by at least 15 runs.

Since 1968 – the A’s first season in Oakland – through yesterday’s action, there have been 452 Major League games decided by 15 runs or more.

The A’s and the Detroit Tigers are tied for most games played in this category with 23: Oakland is 15-8; the Tigers 16-7.

A breakdown of Oakland’s 23 blowouts shows that the A’s have won their last ten games decided by 15 runs or more. Not since July 18, 2000 – an 18-3 defeat in Colorado – has Oakland been on the short end of the ugly stick.

Their current 10-game win streak features five at home and five on the road, helping to improve their records to 6-2 in Oakland and 9-6 away from the Coliseum.

The A’s and Kansas City Royals have paired up for four such ballgames. The Royals won the first two (16-1 in 1972 and 16-0 in 1984); Oakland took the last two (21-3 in 2000 and 16-1 in 2005).

In three seasons the A’s have played multiple games where the margin of victory (or defeat, in some cases) was 15 or more runs: 2000 (4 games, 2-2), 2005 (2-0), and 2012 (2-0).

Overall, Oakland has outscored its opponents 277-161 in these 23 games.

What does it all mean? Not a darn thing. But the game hasn’t started and you need something to read.

Plus it gave me an excuse to post this link to one of the more memorable laughers in Oakland A’s history.

Games Decided by 15 runs or More in Oakland A’s History:

May 19 1972 at KC (L 1-16)

May 10 1973 at Tex (W-17-2)

May 14 1978 at Det (L 0-15)

Apr 17 1981 vs Sea (W 16-1)

June 25 1984 at KC (L 0-16)

May 15 at Mil 1985 (W 19-3)

Oct 3 1987 at Chi (L 1-17)

Apr 13 1993 at Det (L 4-20)

June 27 1996 at Cal (W 18-2)

Aug 26 1997 vs NY (L 2-18)

June 4 2000 vs SF (L 2-18)

June 18 2000 at KC (W 21-3)

July 18 2000 at Col (L 3-18)

Sep 30 2000 vs Tex (W 23-2)

Aug 30 2001 at Bal (W 15-0)

Apr 27 2002 vs Chi (W 16-1)

Aug 24 2003 at Tor (W 17-2)

June 26 2005 vs SF (W 16-0)

Aug 6 2005 at KC (W 16-1)

July 22 2009 vs Min (W 16-1)

July 25 2012 at Tor (W 16-0)

Aug 31 2012 vs Bos (W 20-2)

Sep 11 2013 at Min (W 18-3)

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