2013 GOG #36: So We Meet Again - ANSWERS POSTED




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GOG #35 vs the Ringless Rangers

Baseball Reference

1) Series outcome: 2 games at Great American Ball Park. (2 points) 2-0 Reds

2) Big boy at the dish: My favorite part of games at NL parks are those magic moments when Bartolo Colon takes his turn at the plate. How many plate appearances for Bartolo? (1 point) Does he put the ball in play? (1 point) Does he get on base? (1 for a correct no, 3 for a correct yes) (maximum 5 points) 1, yes, no

3) Giant slayer: Tuesday’s Cincinnati starter Mat Latos is well-known for his hatred of the San Francisco Giants. I have a feeling he’d fit in pretty well here on AN. Guess Latos’ IP/H/BB/K. (2 points each, 8 total) 7.1/4/3/3

4) Around the league: There are two other interleague matchups on Tuesday night. Both are part of these home-and-home matchups. Like the A’s, two other AL teams are making the return trip. The Rays will play at Arizona and the Orioles travel to San Diego. Pick the winner of each game. (1 point each, 2 total) How many runs are scored overall between the two games? (4 points, 2 points if +/- 1) Of all three Tuesday night interleague games, which one is the highest-scoring? (2 points) (8 points total) Arizona and Baltimore, 12, Tampa @ Arizona

5) Logjam: One of the problems of traveling to an NL park is the lack of that extra lineup spot usually taken by the DH. For the A’s, this is extremely clear in the outfield. Guess the number of starts for each of the A’s five outfielders: Cespedes, Crisp, Reddick, Smith and Young. (1 point each, 5 total) If for some odd reason Brandon Moss, a callup from the minor leagues or anyone else gets an outfield start, don’t worry about them. Just deal with these five. Your number should probably add up to six, but if you think someone outside of these five gets an outfield start, it doesn’t have to. Cespedes: 2, Crisp: 2, Reddick: 1, Smith: 1, Young: 0

6) In and out: Name as many position players as you want for each team that appear in both games but only start in one. (3 points for each correct answer, -1 point for every incorrect answer, lots of points possible) Callaspo, Reddick, Smith, Sogard, Mesoraco

7) Dragging on for a while: How many pitches are thrown in the longest plate appearance of the series? (5 points if exact, 3 if +/- 1, 1 if +/- 2) Who is the batter? (4 points) Who is the pitcher? (3 points) (12 points total) 10, Donaldson, Hoover

Indefinite total amount of points, questions 1-5, 7 worth 40 points maximum

Answers due by Tuesday, 4:10 pm PDT

A’s Let’s Do This

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