GOG 2013 #43 vs. the Tampa Bay Rays (Answers Posted)

These may be the 2 Wild Card teams right now, but after sweeping Detroit beating the Tigers within one out of a sweep, we are back in the race for first!


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Do Your Homework! Score Your Last GOG - Rematch #42

The Questions

1. Series Outcome, 3 Games. [3 points]

A's Sweeeep, 3-0!

2. Def-Rays. Tampa Bay Rays defense appears pretty stellar. They have only 48 errors (to the A's 82), though they are not far off of A's numbers on DPs (256-233), PBs (9-13), and are actually worse on WPs (55 to our 47). Personally, and following Ray Fosse, I lump WP and PB together, since a cross-up gets called a Passed Ball, but lots of Wild Pitches are just Catcher fail, anyway. Guess for each team: Total Errors / Total DPs* / Total WP+PB. And, since 25 of the A's errors are attributed to Jed Lowrie and Josh Donaldson, do either of them get an error in the series? [2 points each, then 1 point, 13 total]

A's, 0 Errors / 3 DPs / 2 WP+PB / No Error by Donaldson or Lowrie
Rays, 3 Errors / 6 DPs / 0 WP+PB

* Minor Edit: For DPs, I want to include all Double Plays, including being caught off on a Line Drive, thrown out trying to tag, caught in a rundown, and Triple Plays, too! The only thing not included is a "throw-em-out-strike-em-out" double play, which always struck me as two separate events.

3. Moss is Boss. [Updated after Thursdays game] Last 11 games for Brandon Moss : 13 for 33 (.393 ), 7 HRs, 14 RBIs, 6 BB, and 9 Ks. Guess his HRs / RBIs / BBs / Ks. [2 points each, 8 total]

0 HRs / 1 RBI / 2 BB / 4 Ks

4. Nice to Have an Ace under 40. Jarrod Parker is getting ridiculous. Last three starts, 8+ IP in each, 1 ER in each. He has wins in 4 of his last 5 starts (the one ND coming in a sad game against Houston), and no losses since sometime in 2004, when he was in Middle School. Does he get a W / L / ND? Guess his: IP / R / BB / K. [1 point, then 2 points each, 9 points total.]

Parker, ND / 7 IP / 3 R / 3 BB / 3 K

5. Now Leading Off... Welcome back to the AL, David DeJesus! Hitting over .400 in 5 games, and leading off against RH pitchers. Guess his series: PA / R / H / BB / SB. Now do the same for Coco Crisp. [2 points each, 20 points total]

DeJesus, 11 PA / 1 R / 2 H / 1 BB / 0 SB
Coco, 12 PA / 3 R / 5 H / 0 BB / 1 SB

6. Obligatory WPA, Starz 'N Goatz. Which position player, for each team and each game, has the Highest and Lowest WPA each game? Scoring takes place for each of the four "sections" independently (Oak High, Oak, Low, TB High, TB Low, 3 players in each, 12 players total). Point totals increase in each section: 1 point for the first correct, then 2 points for the next, then 5 points for the third correct - for a total of 8 possible points. [1, 2, and 5 points each, 32 points possible.]

A's High: Suzuki (.397), Crisp (.178), Moss (.077)
A's Low: Moss (-.116), Sogard (-.138), Callaspo (-.165)
Rays High: Loney (.306), Loney (.122) - hahahahahaha!! - , DeJesus (.092)
Rays Low: Joyce (-.169), Escobar (-.152), Zobrist (-.200)

In case this is confusing, here is an example: for Tampa Bay's low WPA, say I guess "Longoria, DeJesus, and Myers." If I am right on DeJesus and Myers only, I would get 3 points (1+2) for this part of the question. If I was right on all three, I would get 8 points (1+2+5). Then I would do this again for Tampa Bay High WPA, and the A's High WPA and Low WPA.

(Possible points = 85, but not really.)

Answers must be posted by Gametime (Friday, 7:05 p.m., left coast time).

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