GOG #41 - clutch time in Camden **MILDLY ALTERED QUESTIONS and Kurt Suzuki bonus Q**

[paris7 pointed out #6 is basically giving away free points b/c little is going to change in most of the standings between today and Sunday. So I changed that question. Also changed #5 re: how many players appear in the series, and added a Kurt Suzuki bonus question - apologies to those who have already entered their guesses ]

You know the deal - the green & gold need to kick it back into gear beginning tomorrow eve in Baltimore.

homework? what's homework?

A's Fangraphs page

O's Fangraphs page

probable pitchers

1) Series outcome - 3 points; take double points if you correctly call a sweep for either team.

6 possible

2) The new market inefficiency - inconsistent starting pitchers (h/t SamYam)

Straily is my poster boy of inconsistent pitcher - will the real Dan Straily stand up? Guess Dan Straily's IP/H/ER/BB/K. Does he get more than 2 runs of support? 2 points each, then 1 point.

For Bud Norris, also guess IP/H/ER/BB/K. Does he make it through the 6th inning? 2 points each, then 1 point.

22 possible

3) Catch as catch can. Good luck with that, A's. Does Vogt start at catcher all three games this weekend? Do the A's make a move - waiver, FA, call-up - during the series? For all players who play catcher for the A's this series, guess AB/XBH/K/PB.

1 point, 1 point, then 2 points each for 10 possible.

4) Double Machines - their's and our's. Yea yea, Manny Machado has 43 doubles this year. Well Jed Lowrie has 33 and that's only 10 less! For the series, which player - Machado or Lowrie - hits more double? has more total bases? makes more errors? has the higher WPA?

2 points each for 8 possible

5) Over / Under for the series, both teams combined:

HR - 5.5

CS - 2.5

OF Assists - 1.5

HPB - 1.5

Runs Scored - 23.5

Total number of players used - 38.5 (23.5 was too easy)

(i.e., if Chris Young pinch-hits Friday then is in the starting lineup Saturday, he only counts once)

1 point each, 6 possible

6) Standings Watch! New question, last one too easy to score points.

At end of play Sunday night -

Has TB overtaken Boston for first place?

Has Oakland gained any ground against Texas?

Has Cleveland gained ground against Detroit?

Do Pittsburgh / St. Louis / Cincinnati change places at all?

1 point each, 4 possible

Any changes in the WC standings? If yes, name what team(s) drop out and what team(s) climb in.

1 point, then 2 points for correct guesses - but -1 if you guess new teams and you're wrong (no negatives)

7) NEW just for Kurt Suzuki *old friends edition* - does Jerry Blevins throw to Kurt Suzuki this series?

1 point

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