GOG 2013 #40 vs. the Seattle Spoilers (Answers Posted!)

Two words: No Felix.


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Lookout Landing

Probable Pitchers

Do Your Homework! Score Your Last GOG - Swishalicious #39

The Questions

1. Series Outcome, 3 Games. [3 points]

Mariners, 2-1

2. Not so anemic anymore. Don't look now, but the Mariners have 147 Homeruns, 3rd in the AL (and the Tigers are 4th!); their wOBA is .312, and their SLG is over .400. Look up the A's numbers on your own, if you dare. Who has more, A's or M's: Hits / HR / XBH. Now, name 3 players on each team that hit a Homerun. You get 2 points for the first correct, 3 points for the second, and 5 for the third, if three hitters on a team actually homer. [1 point each, then variable, but up to 10 points per team, 23 possible]

A's, More Hits (24-22) / A's, HR (5-3) / A's, More XBH (10-7) /

Moss, Donaldson, Freiman, Crisp / Franklin, Miller, Morse

3. Parker-Gray-Griffin. There's been good news and bad news, right? Jarrod Parker, 6-0 in his last 14 starts. Does Parker get the Win? Sonny Gray, 20 Ks in 18 IP. Does Gray strike out at least 1 per inning? A.J. Griffin, 11 BBs in last 2 games; 47 Balls thrown in each game, to 56 and 57 Strikes. Fewer than 40 Balls for Griffin? Take any one of the 3 starters and guess: IP / R / BB / K. [1 point each, then 2 points each, 11 points total.]

Yes, W for Parker / Yes, Gray K's 1 per IP / Fewer than 40 Balls, A.J. (38)

Parker, 9.0 IP / 1 R / 0 BB / 8 K
Gray, 7.0 IP / 2 R / 2 BB / 7 K
Griffin, 6.0 IP / 4 R / 4 BB / 7 K

4. Coco is Ours. Coco Crisp lives in the same apartment complex as my Mom and Dad. How cool is that? Does Coco start both Tuesday and Wednesday in CF? Guess his series: PA / R / H / BB / SB. [1 point, then 2 points each, 11 points total]

No, doesn't Start Both T+W / 8 PA / 1 R / 1 H / 1 BB / 0 SB

5. The Hunt for October. Unfortunately, Texas is hosting Houston. Guess the series outcome. 2 Bonus points for guessing Houston to win the series. [2 points, plus 2 point bonus, 4 possible]

Texas, 3-0. Like there was ever any doubt...

6. Obligatory WPA. Which position player has the Highest Single-Game WPA over the entire series? For each team, guess 1, 2, or 3 players, for a complementary score of 5 points, then 3 points, then 2 points. For a bonus 3 pts. each, guess that highest WPA for each team within .025. [Up to 5 points each, then 3 points each, 16 possible.]

Moss, .423 (.398 - .448 ok)

Ryan, .436 (.411 - .461 ok)

(Possible points = 68, if everything were to fall right.)

Answers must be posted by Gametime (Monday, 7:05 p.m., left coast time).

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