Down On The Farm: 2012 Draft Picks Progress Report

Rich Pilling

Last week I offered a progress report on the A's top 12 picks from the 2013 amateur draft. Earlier this week on my Athletics Farm blog I took a similar look at the A's top 12 picks from the 2012 amateur draft, so I thought I'd offer up that progress report here for you on Athletics Nation this week. And just so you know, I've updated all the players' stats to reflect games through Sunday...

As most of you know, the A's 2012 draft class features some of the A's most high-profile prospects like Addison Russell, Daniel Robertson and Matt Olson. We won't know for sure till they've been in the system a little while longer but, so far, the A's 2012 draft class certainly does look like one of the strongest in many years.

The A's chose to be aggressive with top pick Russell's development this season and assigned him to Stockton, making the 19-year-old the youngest player in the High-A California League. Last year's top pick for the A's struggled over the first couple months of the season, but then he began to turn things around in June, and he ended up posting an impressive .344/.440/.609 slash line in July.

The A's 7th overall pick last season, outfielder B.J. Boyd, started the year with Vermont of the Class-A short-season New York-Penn League, so he didn't get going until June - but ever since he got going, there's been no stopping him, and the outfielder's currently sporting a .320/.412/.503 slash line after a month and a half of play.

The fastest-riser of last year's draft class has been the A's 8th overall pick, first baseman Max Muncy, who started the season with Russell at Stockton but made it all the way up to Double-A Midland just a little over a year after first being drafted by Oakland. And Muncy currently tops all A's minor leaguers in home runs with 22 and RBIs with 87.

A couple of the A's top pitching picks from last year's draft, right-handers Seth Streich and Dakota Bacus, have proven to be the two most reliable members of the Beloit Snappers starting rotation this season. Unfortunately, fellow right-hander Cody Kurz, last year's 10th pick, has spent the season rehabbing from knee surgery and has yet to make an appearance on the mound.

You'll find the A's top 12 draft picks from the 2012 draft along with their current statistics through August 11 below. The teams they've played for so far this season are noted, with the team they've appeared in the most games with listed first and their current team in bold. So let's take a look at the top picks of the A's 2012 farm crop...

#1 - 1st Round

Addison Russell

Age: 19 / Shortstop


13 HR / 47 BB / 101 K / .274 AVG / .363 OBP / .510 SLG / .873 OPS

#2 - 1st Round

Daniel Robertson

Age: 19 / Shortstop


6 HR / 35 BB / 69 K / .270 AVG / .348 OBP / .384 SLG / .732 OPS

#3 - 1st Round

Matt Olson

Age: 19 / First Baseman


17 HR / 66 BB / 122 K / .217 AVG / .326 OBP / .405 SLG / .731 OPS

#4 - 2nd Round

Bruce Maxwell

Age: 22 / Catcher

Beloit + Stockton

4 HR / 36 BB / 55 K / .270 AVG / .343 OBP / .370 SLG / .712 OPS

#5 - 2nd Round

Nolan Sanburn

Age: 22 / Right-Handed Pitcher

Beloit + AZL A's

20 IP / 14 H / 5 ER / 9 BB / 15 K / 2.25 ERA / 1.15 WHIP

#6 - 3rd Round

Kyle Twomey

Age: 19 / Left-Handed Pitcher


#7 - 4th Round

B.J. Boyd

Age: 20 / Outfielder


6 HR / 25 BB / 43 K / .320 AVG / .412 OBP / .503 SLG / .915 OPS

#8 - 5th Round

Max Muncy

Age: 22 / First Baseman

Stockton + Midland

22 HR / 75 BB / 89 K / .273 AVG / .380 OBP / .461 SLG / .841 OPS

#9 - 6th Round

Seth Streich

Age: 22 / Right-Handed Pitcher


110 2/3 IP / 114 H / 47 ER / 41 BB / 82 K / 3.82 ERA / 1.40 WHIP

#10 - 7th Round

Cody Kurz

Age: 20 / Right-Handed Pitcher

Disabled List

Has Not Played

#11 - 8th Round

Kris Hall

Age: 22 / Right-Handed Pitcher


44 2/3 IP / 48 H / 28 ER / 29 BB / 45 K / 5.64 ERA / 1.72 WHIP

#12 - 9th Round

Dakota Bacus

Age 22 / Right-Handed Pitcher


109 2/3 IP / 117 H / 46 ER / 33 BB / 82 K / 3.78 ERA / 1.37 WHIP

You can check out my blog - Athletics Farm - for daily updates on the A's minor league teams and all the top prospects down on the farm.

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