Who can investigate Bud Selig?

Anyone? Does anyone have the power or authority? Someone needs to.

The big news surrounding baseball for the past few months is the biogenesis clinic and the forthcoming suspensions for 8-20 MLB players depending on which report you read. Everyone can't stop talking about Alex Rodriguez and the possible lifetime ban. Every news article has A-Rods picture and name plastered all over it and everyone has overlooked the bigger problem.....Ryan Braun.

Everything about the Ryan Braun suspension stinks. It makes no sense. 65 games? Not 50 for first offense which is what he should have gotten because of his get out of jail free card in 2011, or a minimum of 100 games if MLB was actually going to pursue it as a 2nd offense (more counting other factors). Assuming Braun is guilty as hell and all the evidence was stacked against him, he still had a pretty good argument to only be suspended for 50 games. If you are going to "negotiate" and agree not to appeal why would you give up your right to appeal and take 15 games more punishment? One would have to think that if Braun went to the negotiating table willing to give up his right to appeal he could have easily walked away with a 50 game suspension for a first offense. And if that isn't the case, why did MLB settle for a measly 65 games.

Ask yourself these questions....

Can the other 8-20 players negotiate their 50 game suspensions down to say 30 games if they give up their right to appeal? Why did Braun get to negotiate anything?

Why go for a 1 1/2 year - lifetime ban for A-Rod (who also has no prior suspensions) and get soft on Braun?

Why has Braun's suspension been announced, yet everyone else is still in limbo 2 weeks later?

How is it that Braun has been the only player to ever win an appeal?

Who wins here?

Answer: Bud Selig, Bud Selig, Bud Selig, Bud Selig

The media tends to forget that Bud Selig besides being the commissioner of major league baseball, is in fact an owner. He (or his daughter) owns the Brewers who just so happen to be the employer of Ryan Braun.

If you have paid attention to the Brewers at all this season (sorry if you have) you would know that they are horrible, absolutely horrible this year. Soooooo, Braun misses the rest of this lost season for the Brewers and the Selig family doesn't even have to pay their highest paid player for the rest of the year. They will however get their MVP back next year and guess what......he won't have to miss a single game!!!

Why would Braun give up so easily? His boss told him to. Selig: "Hey Ryan, lets get this mess out of the way now so we don't fuck up next season. We will suspend you now for the rest of the year before anyone else. Once we suspend the other players and make a complete circus out of the A-Rod suspension, your suspension will be forgotten about and brushed under the rug by the media. You will be in the spotlight for 1-2 days and then we will leak a bunch of speculation about A-Rod over the next few weeks before we actually do anything and your name will disappear from the news just like that. Oh, and by the still owe me for that technicality I allowed to happen a few years ago."

Selig and "the commissioners office" can complain all they want about Braun getting off scot free in 2011 but I'm sure Bud Selig "the owner" was overjoyed his MVP wasn't suspended at the time. If MLB, the commissioners office and Bud Selig were as pissed off as they claimed over Braun getting off on a technicality and then running around professing his innocence they would have gone for the harsher punishment, they would have made a bigger example of him, they would have not negotiated. If I understand it correctly, they could have charged him with a second offense (100 games) imposed his first offense he never served (50 games) and slapped him with a third penalty for lying (50 games). That's a possible 200 games suspension, and the league settled for 65......15 more than what they would have most certainly got. Braun was getting 50 no matter what.

So why go for such a harsher penalty against A-Rod? Both A-Rod and Braun are superstars in this game, both are "known" PED users. Neither player has ever been suspended before and both are probably facing pretty similar evidence against them from the exact same clinic.

Simple: The quad injury, the conflicting doctor reports, the extended rehab assignment, the trip to their spring training facility....The Yankees actually want out of A-Rods contract and would rather he never stepped foot on the field again wearing pinstripes. On the flip side, The Brewers want Braun on the field. Since our good ole commissioner has a biased "owners" view of the major league baseball world, he can accommodate both plights.

Where are the other suspensions???? How do you suspend Braun and no one else for two weeks from the same investigation? These aren't separate failed tests, all the evidence is coming from the same source. I'm sure the other players would like to get their suspensions out of the way and not have it carry over until next season, just like Braun. Oh wait, Braun was the only Brewer on the list.....what was I thinking. Why would any of the other players get to dictate how and when their suspension is served. What other player is going to be able to pay their dues while battling an injury while their team is moving up the draft board.

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