GOG 2013 #35 – Suspensions Looming (Answers Posted)

Don't forget your homework here!


Rangers (Ball club)

Probable Pitchers

1) Series outcome: (3 points) 2-1 Rangers

2) Garza Vs. Parker The Rangers made off with a pretty good pitching chip in Garza through trades and are not going to be fun to meet up with in the post season if all their starters get healthy. Parker, one of the pitchers I feel more comfortable with in the post season will show us what he can do against a high caliber team. Please predict Garza’s IP/H/ER/K/BB/HR. Now do the same for Parker. (2 points each 24 total) Garza’s 8IP/8H/4ER/5K/1BB/1HR Parker’s 6IP/6H/2ER/6K/2BB/1HR

3) Adrian’s and Beltre’s Adrian Gonzalez has been playing third fiddle to Yasiel Puig and HanRam but has still been putting up solid numbers. Adrian Beltre one of the leagues premier 3rd basemen has been slumping since the ASB. Engel Beltre another Texas Ranger is emerging as decent Center fielder and has been awarded more playing time. For this predict All three players H/R/RBI/BB/K. (Adrain Gonzalez is Friday-Sunday) (2 points each, 30 total) Adrian Gonzalez 2H/1R/0RBI/0BB/1K Adrian Beltre 5H/1R/3RBI/1BB/2K

4) UnTimely Hitting. Name as many players from either / both teams as you like who Strike out with a runner in scoring position during the series. Score 3 points for each guess you get correct, take one point away for each incorrect guess. No negative points accumulate, so worst you can get for this question is 0 points. Potentially a lot of points possible. Freiman, Reddick, A.Beltre, Andrus, Kinsler x3, Martin

5) Take out your ‘Pens Round 2 For this one pick a bullpen A’s/ Rangers / Tie. Which bullpen strikes out the most? A’s Walks more batters? Texas Gets more Saves? A’s Gets more wins? Texas Gives up the most Earned runs? A’s Pitches the least number of total innings? Texas (1 point each, 6 points total)

6) Potpourri

a) Which Team commits more errors in the series? (A’s/Rangers/Tie) (1 Point) A’s (A’s 3, Rangers 0 )

b) Which Team goes Yard the most in this series? (A’s/Rangers/Tie) (1 Point) Rangers (A’s 1, Rangers 5)

c) Which Team converts more double plays in this series? (A’s/Rangers/Tie) (1 Point) Rangers (A’s 1, Rangers 3)

Callaspo Bonus. Predict Alberto Callaspo's H/R/RBI for the series (1 point each, 3 points total) 0H/1R/0RBI

(69+ points for the series)

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