GOG 2013 #34: Moosehead And Back Bacon: Now w/Answers (thanks, jp!)

It's been a craptastic year for Geddy Lee's favorite team. Yes, the AL East is a tough division. But not because the Blue Jays are in it. They haven't been even remotely competitive, despite all the money they spent. R.A. Dickey's base salary for 2013 is 5 Million Big Ones. That's more than the combined salaries of Oakland's current Starting Rotation! And given R.A.'s generous signing bonus, that 5 Mil is just a drop in the bucket. Y'know, the Germans have this word... "schadenfreude"? Yeah, that's it.

So, let's take these Hosers, eh?

Probable Pitchers

Score your slegnA GOG

THE QUESTIONS (58 points)

1. SERIES OUTCOME (3 points)

2. THE HUMAN DRAMA OF ATHLETIC COMPETITION Do any of these Games go into Extra Innings? Are any of these Games tied through Seven Innings? Through Five? Are any of these Games scoreless through Three? (1 point each, 4 total)

3. LOWRIE v. LAWRIE I have to admit that up until this Season, I got these two mixed up on a fairly regular basis. Not anymore. Jed Lowrie's the guy having a good year with the stick. Brett Lawrie, on the other hand, makes a fine packet of taco seasoning. Predict AB/H/XBH for each of them (2 points each) Are either of them charged with an Error (at any defensive position)? (1 point, 13 total)

4. KNUCKLE BALLS I'm actually rather fond of R.A. Dickey, but I'm not exactly shocked by the regression here. The Knuckler is a cruel mistress. Predict R.A.'s IP/H/ER/BB/K (2 points each) Now do the same for any one of Oakland's lesser-paid SPs, your pick. (again, 2 points each) Is there a Wild Pitch or Passed Ball while Dickey's on the mound? (1 point, 21 total) Dickey is scheduled to pitch on Wednesday. If he does not start during this Series, his portion of the question applies to Toronto's GM 3 SP. Feel free to revise before game time.

5. SLIDING-SCALE LONG BALLS Through Saturday's Games, the B-Jays have hit 131 Home Runs. That's the 2nd highest total in MLB! Their Pitching Staff has allowed 131 Home Runs. That's (wait for it) the 2nd highest total in MLB! Who hits the 1st Home Run for each team in this Series? You can guess up to three players for each team. A correct answer based on 1 guess is worth 3 points. A correct answer based on 2 guesses is worth 2 points. A correct answer based on 3 guesses is worth 1 point. A correct "Nobody" for either team is worth 3 points. (6 points total)

6. IT'S GETTING TO BE ABOUT THAT TIME Trade Deadline looms. Does either team make a change to their 25-Man Roster during this Series? Injury, DFA, Trade, etc. (1 point)


a) 19.5 IP for A's Starters (19 1/3=Under, 19 2/3=Over)

b) 0.5 XBH for Eric Sogard

c) 3.5 PA for Stephen Vogt

d) 1.5 Games with 20,000+ attendance

e) 3.5 Errors for the Series, both teams combined

(2 points each, 10 total)

Answers due by Monday, 7:05 pm PDT. Good Luck, and Let's Go A's

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