Trading Options: A Hidden Gem

I recently stumbled upon an ATL Braves LF/C/1B who, truth be told, Blew my socks OFF..

This guy is 26 years old (6'4 230lbs).. he slipped under the radar due to pot use, anger problems & and a knee injury years ago. Them in 2010, he put that all behind him, managed to get drafted in the 23rd round and has been dominating every stop of the way since (which BTW he has 200 AB's in AA ball and nothing at the AAA level)..

This spring ATL's manager saw his potential and even though they were stacked at Gattis' positions (LF, C, 1B), they still sqeezed him in the 25 man roster..

His numbers this year in ATL - 262/318/560 (191 AB's) w/ 14/56 BB/K

vs LHP - 314/379/608 (51 AB's) w/ 6/8 BB/K

vs RHP - 243/294/543 (140 AB's) w/ 8/38 BB/K

Now those strikeout's might look a bit concerning but, after checking out his minor league stats, I am not at all worried about them & infact believe he will learn to reduce his K's and increase his BB's somewhere closer to his minor league numbers which, due to laziness, I'll just link here..

He never was on pace for a 100 K season (and that's after I adjusted his stats to a 600 AB season) with the exception of his first season in Rookie Ball..

I believe Evan Gattis is one of baseball's best kept secrets who, even though is doing very well, is due to breakout with a higher BA, lower K's & and continued amazing power. Plus he would fit in very nicely into our team splitting time with Smith, Moss, Friedman & even Reddick; as they all play the same positions as Gattis. He would also become our 2nd best batter vs LHP (only behind Donny) which we desperately need, especially if were taking a run at the WS seriously.

And, finally, the Braves (much to my displeasure) lost Tim Hudson today, as a baserunner stomped on and crushed the bones in his ankle, taking out ATL's ace for the rest of the season..

So what would ATL want for this player that they know is a hidden Gem..

I would say a package of Tommy Milone (who I believe is vastly overrated, especially come playoff time) & maybe Chris Young ( who could help fill ATL's current vacancy at CF while giving them a solid batter vs LHP, which they would need after loosing Gattis).. I'm not quite sure how to value Gattis in a trade so the above listed pakcage might be enough, to much, or too little. If it's too little then we could throw in a reliever.

Anyways, I'd like your guys opinion's of Gattis.



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