DLD 6/6/13 - Draft Day Edition

Mike McGinnis

Your daily links, draft day style.

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's Marc Normandin breaking down the draft process, as well as SB Nation's final mock draft.

In AL West news, Mitch Moreland was placed on the DL and the Rangers have called up Chris McGuiness.

In Anaheim, they don't seem to like when fans wear paper bags over their heads.

Amazing non-baseball news: Bruins forward Gregory Campbell took a slapshot to the leg during last night's Eastern Conference Finals game against the Penguins. The slapshot broke Campbell's leg. Campbell remained on the ice after the slapshot broke his leg for another 50 seconds, helping his team kill off a penalty.

Our good friend Brandon Inge singled in the eighth inning yesterday to break up Julio Teheran's no-hit bid.

I was at the game in San Francisco yesterday, and R.A. Dickey did this.

Another one from the "lol Anaheim" files: Jerome Williams is out of the starting rotation, but the one the Halos Heaven folks dubbed "Joey Pancakes" is still starting.

Rob Neyer talks MLB attendance. The A's are averaging 20,559 a game so far this year, in case you're wondering. Last year, they averaged 20,728. The A's have yet to play the Red Sox or Yankees at home, still have five fireworks nights remaining including July 3 vs the Cubs, which is part of a series that should sell very well. The Cardinals should also be a decent draw. Additionally, there's a Yoenis Cespedes Bobblehead Day and a Coco Crisp Bernie Lean bobblehead at the end of June. The A's have already sold out five games this year: Opening Night, 4/13 vs Detroit, 5/18 vs Kansas City and 5/27 and 5/28 against San Francisco. The Coliseum was sold out seven times last year. Even with one fewer home game against the Giants and only one home series against the Yankees and Red Sox instead of two, attendance will likely end up higher than 2012.

Grant Brisbee explains the peculiar nature of the new competitive balance picks.

Brandon Sneed gives us a wild longform story.

If you haven't yet, check out 67MARQUEZ's piece on a wild extra-inning game.

On this day a year ago, the A's dispatched the Rangers by a score of 2-0. It took just over two hours. Bartolo Colon pitched eight shutout innings and Cespedes went 3-for-3. It was the 67th game of the year for the Rangers. It was the first time they had been shut out all year.

That's all for today, folks. The draft starts at 3 pm and the A's take the field just after 5. Have a nice day.

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