The St. Louis Cardinals swing by the this weekend, beginning tomorrow. As Korach said on the radio broadcast yesterday, according to one scout, the Cardinals may have the best offense in the National League. And their starting pitching ain't bad, neither. It will be a quite a test for the A's, and yet another opportunity to demonstrate to the national baseball audience that these A's can hang with the big named-big boys. GO A's!!!

our guys

their guys

Viva El Birdos (say hi!)


Baseball Reference, if you like



1) A's 2-1

2) Matts - 3XBH/ 4RS/ 3K/ 0 GIDP

Joshes - 4XBH/ 4RS/ 2K/ 2GIDP

Adams - 2 starts

3) Fewest Hits - Wainright (5); Parker (2)

Most K's - Wainright (8); Colon / Milone (5)

Fewest BB's - Miller / Wainright / Westbrook (2 each); Parker (0)

Most pitches - Wainright (112); Colon (101)

Least pitches - Miller (61); Parker (48)

4) Cards - no relief pitcher more than one appearance; A's - Otero

more IP - Cards (10); more inherited runners stranded - Cards (2); more strikes - A's (103)

5) hits w/ RISP - Donaldson, Reddick, Lowrie, Smith, Moss, Vogt, Freese, Carpenter, Holliday, Adams, Beltran, Craig

6) yes - Vogt first hit

CS - A's no one; Cards - Holliday

No golden sombreros

HR's - 8

7) Coco - No reach base, no steal, no RS, yes sell out, no win


1) Series outcome (3 games, 3 points)

2-1 A's

2) They have Matts, we have Joshes. Matt Carpenter is a newly proven beast, leading the Cards in WAR, and so is Josh Donaldson, who leads the A's in WAR. For no good reason, screw Matt Holliday and his Oakland scowl - let's hope that Josh Reddick smiles a lot this series.

Guess for Matts and for Joshes for the series - XBH, runs scored, K's, GIDP's (i.e., 6-4-3, etc., not line outs that result in DPs - btw, didcha know that Baldy leads the NL in GIDPs? HA HA!). So that's two separate guesses - one for Matts, one for Joshes.

And for good measure - how many starts does Matt Adams get in the series (at any position)?

(2 point each, then 1 pt, 9 possible)

3) Starters - the Cardinals have some good starting pitchers. The A's some good, though perhaps less sexy, starting pitchers. Guess the starting pitcher form each team who:

- gives up the fewest hits, records the most K's, issues the fewest BB's, throws the most pitches, throws the least number of pitches

That's 2 names, one Athletic, one Cardinal, for each inquiry.

(2 pts each, 20 possible)

4) In relief - Name a relief pitcher from each team who makes more than one appearance this series. If you think no relief pitcher from one or both teams will make more than appearance, you may say so. (2 points)

Which relief corps for the series - A's or Cards - pitches more innings, strands more inherited base runners, throws more strikes? (1 pt each) Tie is certainly an acceptable guess.

[5 pts possible]

5) Timely Hitting - Name as many players from either / both teams as you like who get a hit with a runner in scoring position during the series. Score 3 points for each guess you get correct, take one point away for each incorrect guess. No negative points accumulate, so worst you can get for this question is 0 points. Potentially a lot of points possible.

6) Various:

a. Does Vogt get his first hit this series? (1 pt)

b. Name a player, one from each team, who is thrown out trying to steal a base this series. No one is an acceptable guess. (2 pts each, 4 possible)

c. Guess how many HR's are hit in the series (both teams, combined)? (2 pts)

d. Name an A or a Card (one player only) who gets a golden sombrero this series. (2 pts) No one is an acceptable guess. Bonus 3 points for guessing the correct pitcher(s) who whiff(s) that player 3x's.

[12 pts possible]

7) Coco lean bobble head day is Saturday - Does Coco reach base more than once on Saturday? Does he successfully steal a base? Does he score a run? Is Saturday a sell out? Most importantly, do the A's win on Coco's namesake day?

(1 point each, 5 possible)

50+ points possible (for people like me who are lagging)

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