2013 GOG #25: Hunt For a Red ... June? - ANSWERS POSTED




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GOG #24 vs the Seamen

Baseball Reference

1) Series outcome: 2 games against the Reds. (2 points) 2-0 A's

2) Stretch time: What’s the score during the seventh-inning stretch during each game? You don’t need to assign a score to a specific day. (If you guess a 3-2 A’s lead, it doesn’t matter if they’re up 3-2 on Tuesday or Wednesday.) (3 points each, 6 total) How many starting pitchers are still in the game at that point? (For the A’s, starters have to finish the seventh. For the Reds, starters have to face the first batter in the bottom of the seventh.) (2 points) Are there any lead changes after the seventh inning stretch? (1 point) (9 total) 7-3 A's and 4-0 A's, 1 SP still in, no lead changes

3) Obligatory DH question: Name one Reds player who starts as a DH this series. (1 point) Heisey, Paul

4) Closing Time: You knew this was coming. Cuban sensation Aroldis Chapman can throw over 100 miles per hour. Grant Balfour has been superb this year. Guess Chapman, Balfour or tie for the following: More saves/More strikeouts/More baserunners allowed. (2 points each, 6 total) Does Chapman face Cespedes? (1 point) If yes, does Cespedes reach base? (1 point) What’s the fastest Chapman is clocked at? (4 points if exact, 2 points if +/- 2 mph) While we’re on the subject of Cuba, guess Yasiel Puig’s PA/H/RBI/K during Tuesday’s Giants @ Dodgers game. (1 points each, 4 total) (16 points in all) Tie/Tie/Tie, no, no, - mph, 4/0/0/1

5) Around the League: On Tuesday and Wednesday, there are quite a few interleague games. Between 4 pm Tuesday and 4 pm Wednesday, 8 interleague games will be played: two between the Rockies and Red Sox, Pirates and Mariners and Twins and Marlins, as well as one between the Braves and Royals and one between the Mets and White Sox. How many of these games does the AL win? (2 points) 3

CORRECTION: There is a ninth game: St. Louis at Houston on Tuesday night. How many of those nine will the AL win?

6) D'oh! Homer Bailey is Wednesday’s starter for the Reds. Guess his IP/H/BB/K. (2 points each, 8 total) Does he surrender a homer? (1 point) If yes, who hits one off of him? (3 points) Is his very first pitch a ball? (1 point) (13 total) 6/6/2/7, yes, Donaldson, yes ball

43 points total

Answers due Tuesday, 7:05 pm PDT

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