GOG 2013 #19: Schlemiel! Schlemazl! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated! (Answers Posted)

The A's haven't played a Regular Season game against the Brewers in 11 years. Anybody else gradually starting to forget that the Brewers used to play in the AL? That they used to be the Seattle Pilots? That Bernie Brewer used to slide into a giant beer mug? In the words of Charles Bukowski, "The days run away like wild horses over the hills."

And on that note, let's GOG!


THE QUESTIONS (59 points)

1. Series Outcome (3 points) A's, 2-1

2. The Human Drama Of Athletic Competion With Saturday's triumph, the A's are 4-1 in Extra-Inning games this year. Do any of these games go into Extra Innings? Are any of these games tied through 7 Innings? Through 5 Innings? Scoreless through 3? (1 point each, 4 total) Yes, Extras/No, Tied through 7/Yes, Tied through 5/No, Scoreless through 3

3. Jemile And His Brother It's been a tough year for Brewers fans. The injuries, coupled with a league-wurst ERA (sorry), has forced the team to move into Mom's basement in the NL Central. Rickie Weeks has also made a significant contribution to the Brewers' death-spiral, as his offensive numbers look to be declining for a 4th straight year. But hey Rickie, things could be worse; just ask your Brother, who will be spending the next couple of days in Tacoma, Washington. Predict AB/H/XBH for Rickie. (2 points each) Is he charged with an Error? (1 point) Meanwhile, Jemile has been leading off for the River Cats, and DHing quite a bit. For Monday and Tuesday's games in Tacoma, Predict Jemile's AB/H/XBH (2 points each) Does he start at a defensive position in either game? (1 point, 14 total) Rickie: 5/3/2/Yes, E4 Jemile: 10/3/1/Yes, Started @2nd on Monday

4. Tommy, Can You Explain This? Picking up right where he left off from 2012, Tommy Milone has a diabolical Home/Road split. On the Road, his ERA is 3.12 Runs higher, and he allows 3.69 more Baserunners per 9 Innings. The Home Runs are consistent, though. He averages exactly 1 per Start, 6 on the Road, 5 at the Coli. Predict Tommy's IP/H/ER/BB/K (2 points each) Now, do the same for Yovani Gallardo, who has had a rough go of it this Season, no matter where he pitches. Gallardo can hit some, though. He's got a pair of dingers this year, and a higher OPS than Rickie Weeks. Does Gallardo get on base during this Series? (1 point) Does Milone surrender a Home Run? (1 point, 22 total) Tommy: 7/5/2/0/4/Yes, HR Gallardo: 6/6/5/1/4/Yes, gets on base

5. Having One Hell Of A Week It's not all doom and gloom in Milwaukee; Jonathan Lucroy has been on a tear of late. Meanwhile, Nate Freiman has elbowed his way into Oakland's Starting Lineup, so it looks like he's not going to get thrown back anytime soon. Man, I hope I didn't just jinx the guy. For the following questions, answer Freiman/Lucroy/Both/Neither:

a) Who starts all 3 Games?

b) Who has at least 3 Hits in the Series?

c) Who hits a Home Run?

d) Who is charged with an Error or Passed Ball?

e) Who strikes out 2 or more times? (2 points each, 10 total) Neither for all categories

6. Sliding-Scale Long Balls With apologies to Larry David, who hits the 1st Home Run for each team in this Series? You can guess up to three players for each team. A correct answer based on 1 guess is worth 3 points. A correct answer based on 2 guesses is worth 2 points. A correct answer based on 3 guesses is worth 1 point. A correct "Nobody" for either team is worth 3 points. (6 points total) Coco/Weeks

Answers due by Monday, 5:10 PM PDT. Good Luck, and Let's Go A's

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