1B Situation on A's Minors

Since I follow the A's minors to get a better idea of who can come up quickly and help the big team sooner or later, there is a situation that is making me wondering if Barton place on the organization is now blocking better prospects and development that could help the organization in the long term.

First of all, Barton is not a current member of the A's 40 men roster, and his MLB experience with the A's has been marginal except for the 2010 season that looks more and more distant every day. That being said, the only reason to keep Barton on the organization is for depth purposes, but with Freiman and Moss on the big team making a good 1B platoon that can be better if Moss gets to his 2012 self, Barton options to get to the Majors with the A's are slim and limited to a series of injuries (specially that there is a lefty 1B in Sacto in Shane Peterson, already a member of the 40 men roster)

Now, if there is nobody in Double A making a push for a Triple A shot, I won't have a problem, but let's look at the stats posted so far by Anthony Aliotti this year:

Slash line of .363/.461/.571 with OPS over .900 in every of the first 3 months of the season, and at 26 next month, his time has come to prove him in Triple A, by performance, age and even defense (1 error only though this season) so the only reason to keep him in Midland is because the FO still sees value in keeping Barton within the Organization (value that I don't see anymore)

Now, Aliotti is not the only 1B prospect being blocked by Barton. In Stockton, we have a guy that is having a very good season in the Cal League. Max Muncy has been the Ports most dangerous hitter for most of the season, belting 16 HRs already, and OPSing over .900 for the season. Now, I know Cal League is not the best parameter for power or hitting, but if a hitter dominates the league, so let's push him to the next level and find out if his power is for real!

Nope, we can't, since the next level is occupied by Aliotti, having a very nice season there by his own.

Barton situation is not about himself anymore, is about player and prospect development and 2 players that has better future in the organization than him, and are demanding with their bats and gloves a promotion that is being blocked by a player that has very little to add to our organization.

Barton needs to go.

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