GOG #22 vs. the M's - Missing the Mariners Yet? (ANSWERS UPDATED)

I was. I get used to these guys over the course of the season. No big rivalry. I don't want them to do badly, so long as their success is not at our expense. Their fans seem nice - they are solid fans, regardless of the ill performance of their team and usual front office/dugout mismanagement. What do you think?


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Lookout Landing

Probable Pitchers

Do Your Homework! Score Your Last GOG - Episode #XXI - The Empire Strikes Out

The Questions

1. Series Outcome, 3 Games. [3 points]

#1. M's, 2-1

2. Kendrys Marinales. Congrats to Kendrys Morales, getting out of the cesspool of L.A. (Anaheim). He got a raw deal in 2010: he was hitting .290/.346/.487 with 11 HR in 51 games when his dumb-ass teammates broke his leg. This year, his stats are almost identical (through Wednesday): .292/.351/.465 with 8 HRs in 63 games, and his wRC+ (park & league adjusted measurement) has actually gone up a few points, from 128 to 130. Guess his PA / XBH. Does his new season OPS reach its 2010 mark of .833 at the end of the series? [3 points each, then 1 point, 7 total]

#2. 12 PA / 0 XBH / No, OPS less than .833 (down to .786, on 1-for-12)

3. A's pitchers have finally been getting deeper into games as the season wears on. What is the minimum number of innings pitched by an A's starter? What is the maximum number? What is the average Game Score of all three starters (5 pts. exact to nearest whole number, 2 points for +/-2)? [2 points each, then up to 5 points each, 9 possible]

#3. 6.0 IP Least / 7.0 IP Most / GS Average = 51 (from 51.3 - Milone 57, Griffin 41, Colon 56) - 2 pts for 49-53

4. Felix is Theirs. I like the Felix Hernandez fans in King's Court, counting every K with placards in their bright yellow shirts. Let's help them out, here. How many K's for Felix? Now, list the players he K's: +2 for every K you name, -1 for every guess you make who doesn't K. You can guess 2 or even 3 K's for a single player, if you like - same rules apply (if you guess 3 Ks and the player gets only 1 K, you'll come out even, see?). No negative accumulated scores. [3 points, then +2/-1, some huge number technically possible, but limited probably to about 43 points total for a record-tying, 9-inning game.]

#4. 8 K Total / Moss, Donaldson (2), Coco, Cespedes (2), Smith, Young

5. The CY Controversy. The Other One. Yes, I am talking about Chris Young, AN's newest controversy. The major discovery is that his O-Swing% - swings at balls off the plate, is up, with the same amount of contact. This is presumably one reason for his low BABIP. Guess his PA / H / BB. Does his BABIP improve from its current mark of .193? Does he keep his O-Swing% below 25% [2 points each, then 1 point each, 8 total]

#5. 7 PA / 3 H / 1 BB / Yes, BABIP improves to .198 (from .188 at beginning of series, on 2-for4)

Update: * O-Swing below 25% (on 3 for 16 = 19%)

Game 1: 0% on 0-for-8: called strike, single (z) / ball, ball, ball, called strike, foul (z), double (z) / ball, ball, ball, (int.)ball / called strike, foul (z), foul (z), ball, homerun (z) = 8 balls, no O-swings

Game 2: 37.5% on 3-for-8: ball, called strike, called strike, ball, ball, foul (?), foul (?), foul (?), swinging strike (z) / foul (?), ball, fly out (?) / ball, called strike, called strike, ground out (?) = 5 balls and 3 O-Swings on 6 contacts

Game 3: dnp

6. Balf(%&@(#^%. It is nice to have the best f-*$#)@-ing closer in the game, right? Does Grant Balfour get a Save? Does he Blow a Save? [1 point each, 2 total]

#6. No Save / No Blown Save

7. Obligatory WPA. Which position player has the Highest Single-Game WPA over the entire series? For each team, guess 1, 2, or 3 players, for a complementary score of 5 points, then 3 points, then 2 points. For a bonus 3 pts. each, guess that highest WPA for each team within .025. [Up to 5 points each, then 3 points each, 16 possible.]

#7. Young / Morse / A's: .210 (.185-.235 ok) / M's: .224 (.199-.249 ok)

(Possible points = 48 and some ridiculous number of additional points that won't materialize.)

Answers must be posted by Gametime (Friday, 7:05 p.m., left coast time).

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