Game #36: A's vs. Indians (1)

Stone Cold Bartolo - Jim McIsaac

Wise baseball people say that the good part about the game is that it is played every day. For the A's, that may be their only solace, as they attempt to salvage a game in this series now marred by controversy.

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In case you turned off the TV in disgust after the blown call by Angel Hernandez, many of the national writers have weighed in. Here's Olney:



Rosenthal and Morosi are in agreement that more needs to be done about umpiring in general. His Column:

Either Hernandez — who worked second base during the game — was predisposed to stick with the original call, or he truly couldn’t discern that the baseball changed directions above the wall. I’m not sure which would be worse. And if Hernandez didn’t see replays in proper resolution, then that’s an indictment of the system itself. (Apart from this incident, MLB should move its decisions to a centralized location, as the NHL has, which would provide a better platform for expanded replay in the future.)

While I'd love it, I don't think Selig will reverse the call a la Lee MacPhail and George Brett. That said, if the A's are again within a game of the playoffs (or their playoff slotting matters by a game), people will look back upon this call as a blight inflicted upon the A's season and the game itself.

As far as today's game, Bartolo Colon will try and pitch through the morass against one of his former teams. In his slimmer days, Colon was the guy for the Cleveland. For today, he'll attempt to be the guy once again for the A's as he attempts to help the A's escape their house of horrors with one measly win. Who thought at the beginning of the this trip that the A's would win the series at Yankee Stadium, but lose the one at Progressive Field?

Here are the lineups:

Bartolo Colon

#40 / Pitcher / Oakland Athletics





May 24, 1973

Scott Kazmir

#26 / Pitcher / Cleveland Indians





Jan 24, 1984

I will be bringing you the game threads, and Alex Hall will be recapping this one. Grab some coffee -- and Bailey's, if that's your thing -- and enjoy morning baseball with the A's.

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