2013 GOG #18 - the Pale Hose come to town *ANSWERS POSTED*

No more interleague (for a short while, anyway), as the A's welcome the Chicago White Sox to town this weekend for a three game series. The Pale Hose are limping in after being swept by the Cubs over three cross-town rivalry games.

First of all, if you were on the ball this week and participated in the GOG #17, please do your homework.

For your quick reference, I refer you to the following:

probable pitchers

A's fangraphs page

2013 A's schedule

White Sox fangraphs page

Sox Side Sox

Les Questions:

1) Series outcome (3 pts) A'S SWEEEP

2) Reddick is coming!! Reddick is coming!! That's the word I've heard, though I can't find official confirmation. Assuming Josh does return this weekend, predict his PA / H / BB. Does he record an outfield assist? Name one spot he bats in the batting order in one game. (i.e., 3rd)

*If Reddick does not play in the series, answer these same questions for Chris Young

(2 pts each, then 1 pt each; 8 possible)

REDDICK - 12PA/ 3H/ 1BB; no assist; batted 7th in games 1 &3; 6th in game 2

3) "Boy can they pitch." So says Ken Korach about the White Sox starting staff. Out of the Sox probable starters, Axelrod, Quintana, and Sale, which one:

- pitches the most innings? SOX - AXELROD; A's - COLON

- gives up the fewest earned runs? SOX - SALE; A's - COLON & PARKER

- records the most strikeouts? SOX - AXELROD; A's - STRAILY

- walks the most batters? SOX - QUINTANA; A's - PARKER

- fails to make it out of the 5th inning? (no one is an acceptable answer) NO ONE

- pitches a complete game? (no one is an acceptable answer) COLON

Now predict the same for the A's probable pitchers. If there are any changes in the starters, adjust your answers accordingly.

(2 pts for the first 4, then 1 pt for the last 2; 20 possible)

4) Slumping sluggers gonna slump. Adam Dunn is batting .153/.245/.388. Wowza. He does have 12 HRs and hit 41 last year, so, um, he's still country strong I guess. For the series, predict Dunn's:

Do the same for our own decidedly less bad, yet still not-looking-so-hot at the plate slugger, Brandon Moss.

DUNN - 0BB / 2K / 0HR

MOSS - 2BB/ 2K/ 0HR

(2 pts each; 12 possible)

5) WPA starz & goatz - name the players position players with the highest and lowest WPA for each game. Name six players total from each team - 3 for highest WPA, 3 for lowest WPA. Need not name specific players for specific games. Name a player multiple times, though, if you think that player will have the highest or lowest WPA in multiple games. For example, name Donaldson twice if you think he will have the highest WPA in two games.

A'S STARZ - REDDICK (.142, .418), LOWRIE (.159)

A'S GOATZ - DONALDSON (-.082); GAME 2 - NORRIS (-.301), YOUNG (-.071)

SOX STARZ - KONERKO (-.001)!!; DE ANZA (.131), GILLISPIE (.006)

SOX GOATS - DUNN (-.135); RAMIERZ (-.128), VICIEDO (-.207)

(2 pts each; 12 possible)

6) Over / Under / Tie-

a) 1 RBI for Friedman in the series TIE

b) 2 inherited runners score on the A's bullpen UNDER

c) 4 hits for Alex Rios in the series UNDER

d) 18 runs scored for the series UNDER

e) 2 XBH for Cespedes in the series UNDER

f) One put-out by Bartolo (to any base, so 1-3 seems most likely, but could be 1-4 or 1-6, etc.) OVER

(1 point each; 6 possible)

[58 pts possible]

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