School of Baseball

Justin Sullivan

Editors' Note: This is another in a series of FanPosts from those AN members looking towards a weekly front page writing gig. This note will appear above every FanPost for this purpose. Community: please provide feedback and/or recs where you see appropriate.

Thanks! - cuppingmaster

Great to be back after last season. I made it out to the Monday game where we clinched the playoffs and my buddy was a the Wednesday Hamiltondropstheballlclincher so good to be back.

The 19 inning marathon game was a fun topic on the way to the game. We both stayed up and watched/listened to the whole game. At a certain point you get vested you know?

We had joked on the way over about crushing the Angels so bad they their right fielder would be pitching by the third inning. Not to be on this fine day.

Got to game early and it was nice to hear 95.7 in the larking lot after all those years of searching the am and fm dials for the game only to hear about politics, country music or just plain cray cray. Having our own radio station is a must and has been a long time coming.

Walked up to ticket both and overheard man at the counter

“how many two dollar tickets do you have?”

I didn’t hear what the ticket taker said but the answer provoked a gruff

“Ill take 24.” Classic Oakland. We would see him later in the lot muttering how “A’s fans need to show up for their team.”

Funny but sad that even the scalpers know the A’s fans are small in number.

Bought two 24 dollar tickets with the old folks in the shade on the second deck. Funny as this is the place where I tested my sunly manhood by staying out on the third deck with no shirt for a whole day game. Lesson learned the hard way on that one.

Kicked it at our carsite and people watched.

Dads with sons of all ages, very nice.

Young families with small children.

Two middle aged men with teen aged sons walked by and my friend jokingly asked “how come you guys aint in school?” the boys sheepishly looked down with hands in pockets while one of the men said” They are in school…the school of baseball.”

We all had a good hearty laugh about that one.

What a great tailgate parking lot

We got a poem from a man walking around hyping up his hair salon. It was awesome.

Nice pretty young woman from Grass Valley and several other people out enjoying the wonderful day.

Try as he might my friend couldn’t get any help with his Tuaca so he was forced to finish it himself. He could have used some help…

The A’s took the early lead but got comebackon to miss sweeping the Angles. Cespedes did a sliply slide move out in Center and Almost made up for it but he OVERslid second base?!

I hate it when players do that. It seems like they shouldn’t. Once again the A’s showed grit in getting the tying or winning run to the plate. Even when we lose we usually manage to have a shot at winning. That’s what I like best about the current team. They never quit.

One thing I’ve learned in my many years of coming to A’s games is that one should not get upset over errors of too much effort or exuberance. Cespedes is the Man and will lead us to the playoffs. I’m going to keep on coming to A’s games so I can keep on learning lessons in the best school of all. Baseball.

I hope to see you there.

Day games at the coliseum can’t be beat.

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