2013 GOG #17: Bringing Down The Giant - ANSWERS POSTED




McCovey Chronicles

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GOG #16 vs the Lastros

Baseball Reference

Before we get going, this GOG has a bit of a musical theme to it. Here's a song that's perfect for this series.

1) Series outcome: 4 games vs The Team That Must Not Be Named. (4 points) 3-1 A's

2) Timmy Jim and Artie Joe: I've made a mockery out of Tim Lincecum's nickname by referring to AJ Griffin as Big Time Artie Joe. Tim starts Wednesday, while AJ pitches in the finale on Thursday. Pick Tim or AJ for each of the following: more strikeouts/more hits allowed/more walks allowed/more runs allowed. (2 points each) Which pitcher makes it deeper in the game? (1 point) (9 total) Griffin/Lincecum/Lincecum/Lincecum/Griffin

3) Speakers blaring: Our bullpen is known for its excellent taste in music. Jerry Blevins has "Sympathy For The Devil," Ryan Cook uses "So Cold," Sean Doolittle uses "For Whom The Bell Tolls" and Grant Balfour uses "One". In the two home games, which of these songs will be used on both days? (2 points for each correct yes or no) No/No/No/Yes

4) Musical chairs: At the Coliseum, we play "Call Me Maybe" in the middle of the eighth. In San Francisco, they play "Lights" or "Don't Stop Believin'". Name one San Francisco pitcher who will be pitching when the song is played in the first two games, and one A's pitcher who will be on the hill at that point during the latter two. (2 points each) In San Francisco, they play "Don't Stop Believin'" when trailing or tied. How many times will we hear "Don't Stop Believin'"? (1 point) (5 total) Rosario, Mijares/Doolittle, Neshek/1

5) Into the unknown: We have yet to find out who will be starting on Tuesday for San Francisco. Speculation points to either Mike Kickham or Chad Gaudin. Guess the game score for Tuesday’s nameless, faceless starter. (6 points if exact, 4 if +/- 1-2, 2 if +/- 3-5) 32

6) Tomaso at the bat: In 2011, Tommy Milone homered in his first at-bat with the Nationals. Guess Tommy's PA/H/BB/K. Now do the same for AJ. (1 point each, 8 total) Milone: 3/0/0/1, Griffin: 2/0/1/1

7) Strangers in a strange land: Name San Francisco’s starting DH for each game. You can name the same player twice. (1 point each, 2 total) Posey, Scutaro

8) Old farts: The Senior Circuit likes to pinch people. I don't find that to be a very nice thing to do to someone, but we're not going to be able change their ways. Name one hitter from each team that pinch-hits in a game in San Francisco. (1 point each, 2 total) A's: Freiman, Jaso, Montz, Moss, Rosales, Young / Giants: Arias (x2), Belt, Pill

9) Caught in the act: Name one player who attempts to steal a base for each team. (1 point for a correct stolen base, 2 points if they get caught stealing, 4 points maximum) Cespedes CS, Crisp 1 SB, 1 CS (2 points), Lowrie SB / Arias SB, Pence SB

BONUS: This is the most important series of the year, so you get two points for each of the home games you attend, and three points for each of the games you attend in San Francisco. The extra point for the away games is due to the ridiculous prices to go there.

48 points total + maximum 10 bonus points

Answers due Monday at 1:05 pm PDT.

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