GOG 2013 #16 - Oakland A's @ Houston Lastros (ANSWERS POSTED)

GOG 2013 #16 Oakland A’s @ Houston Lastros

Gotta get this up early; I'm gonna be busy tonight.

The Astros have lost 16 games against AL West opponents—six of those losses were delivered by our very own Oakland Athletics. It’s hard not to admire the Astros’ players for playing under somewhat difficult circumstances; recognizing that they have no reasonable chance for competing this year (or next) unless they get some otherworldly progress from their prospects.

Oakland Athletics


Fan Graphs

  1. Series Outcome (3 games – 3 points)
  2. Consistent AB’s: Chris Carter is finally getting consistent ABs—something he has said impeded his progress while in an Oakland Uniform. He currently ranks second in ABs for the Astros team, behind only the promising young Jose Altuve. Predict his PA / H / HR / K (2 each). Does he get an OF start (1 pt)? (9 total)
  3. Nicodamus, Pen Solutions: Last week Nico Suggested (for good reason) that Cook be used to overpower the end part of a batting order so that Doolittle could be used for the top of the order hitters; "Left/Right [splits] be damned" (Nicodamus, 2013). For Cook, predict how many 6 – 9 hitters he faces in the series, how many 1 – 5 hitters does he face, and how many K's (2 pts each). Now, do the same for Doo. (12 total)
  4. A.J. Griffin vs. L.W.B.Harrell—Predict both pitchers IP / H / ER (2 points each, 12 total). Does either starter get the win (1 pt)? Name the pitcher who gets the win (2 points if you select a starter; 3 if you select the correct Bull Pen pitcher)
  5. Toss Up! (1 point each; 6 total)
    1. How many Runs scored combined for the series? (+/- 1)
    2. How many Errors in the series?
    3. How many HRs hit in the series? (+/- 1)
    4. How many Double Plays are turned?(+/- 1)
    5. Does a pitcher commit a Balk?
    6. How many different players-- combined for both teams-- get PAs during the series?

(46 Total Points)

Good luck and happy GOGing!

1. A's Sweeeeep

2. Trogdor: 12 PA / 1 H / 0 HR / 4 K -- Yes OF start

3. Cook: (3) 6-9 hitters / (4) 1-5 hitters / 0 K's

Doolittle: (1) 6-9 / (2) 1-5 hitters / 0 K's

4. Griffin: 5.2IP / 5 H / 4 ER

Harrell: 1.2IP / 6 H / 6 ER

Starter gets a Win; Griffin

5. Toss up!-- 35 Total Runs (34 - 36 okay) / 3 Errors / 11 HRs (10 - 12 okay) / 6 DP ( 5 - 7 Okay) / No Balk / 25 Different players made PAs during the series

I'm on the road-- so it is entirely possible that there are errors in the answers above; if anyone would be so kind as to correct any it'd be greatly appreciated. I'll double check everything tomorrow when I get back to Philly.

*Let me know if you see any errors!*

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