GOG 2013 #15 - De Rangers are DeRanged! (Answers Posted!)


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Probable Pitchers

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The Questions

1. Series Outcome, 3 Games. [3 points]

2. SLuGging. As of Sunday, the Texas Rangers lead the AL in HRs, and are second in Slugging% at .448. The Oakland A's, after a strong start, are only Slugging .394, though they do have 92 doubles. For each team, guess: Doubles / Homeruns (3 points each, or 1 point for +/-1). Do they exceed their Slugging% (as listed above). [3 points each, then 1 point each, 14 possible]

3. Straily is in a pretty good position: it doesn't seem to matter how well he pitches, he gets to keep his rotation spot. For now, right? Anyway, Dan Straily has an FIP of 4.18, far better than his ERA of 7.27. So, let's look at peripherals. Over or Under (or Tie, if possible): K/9, 9.35 / BB/9, 4.15 / HR/9, 1.04 / BABIP .319 / GB/FB .97. [1 point each, 5 total]

4. Yu's 130 (Different) Pitches. Yu Darvish threw 130 pitches last start, to some controversy. Less controversial, perhaps, is the fact that he is just killing the opposition, and if you've seen this GIF you'll understand why. Guess his: IP / R / BB / K / # Pitches Thrown (+/-3; an extra 3 points if you hit it on the nose). [2 points each, plus 3 bonus, 13 possible]

5. All Star Josh. Josh Donaldson is today's Oakland A's. Does he hit a HR? Does he make an Error? Does he start an around-the-horn DP? Does he K with RiSP? [1 point each, 4 total]

6. Where would we be... without the Pen? Last year, Fangraphs introduced their reliever stat, Shutdown or Meltdown, meaning they exceed +/- .060 WPA. Name a pitcher from each team that gets a Shutdown and one who gets a Meltdown ("None" is acceptable for any of these). Do we see a Cook-Doolittle-Balfour combination (in any order) to close out a Win for some other pitcher (need not be the starter)? [2 points each, then 1 point, 9 total]

7. Obligatory WPA. Which position player has the Highest Single-Game WPA over the entire series? For each team, guess 1, 2, or 3 players, for a complementary score of 5 points, then 3 points, then 2 points. [Up to 5 points each, 10 possible.]

(Possible points = 58.)

Answers must be posted by Gametime (Monday, 5:05 p.m., left coast time).

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