GOG 2013 #13: "Get. Off. My. Lawn." (Answers Posted)

Don't worry. Everything is going to be just fine. Let's set the WayBack Machine to May 12, 2012. Now, what do you see?

TEXAS 22-12

OAKLAND 18-16 4.0 GB

What don't you see? Yoenis Cespedes. He hasn't played for nearly a week, and he went on the DL today. Brett Anderson is already there, of course. So is Kila Ka'aihue, which was actually a cause for concern during this dark time, so many months ago.

Back in our own time, as I tap out these words, the Texas Rangers are pounding the living crap out of the Astros. 12-1 through 4 1/2. But hey, Astros. Right?

The A's haven't played the Rangers yet this season. They're going to spending a lot of time together in the next couple of weeks. This is our Division. These guys are in our way. Let's turn the hose on them.

After all, we've got them right where we want them.


THE QUESTIONS (54 points)

1. Series Outcome (3 points) Texas 2-1

2. The Bad Man From Bad Kissingen Rangers Super-Sub Jeff Baker was born in Bad Kissingen, Germany. I'm guessing Army Brat, here. He's had an unobtrusively fine season, playing here and there. Predict his AB/H/XBH (2 points each) Through Saturday's game, Baker has handled 34 Chances without an Error. Is he charged with an Error during the Series? (1 point) Now, do the same for his A's counterpart, Adam Rosales (14 points total) Baker: 3/1/0/No Rosales: 6/1/0/Yes

3. Fun With OPS A simple proposition. We'll take four guys: Jed Lowrie, Josh Donaldson, Ian Kinsler, and Lance Berkman. Will their respective OPS (through Sunday's games) be higher, lower, or unchanged at the end of this Series? (2 points each, 8 total) Donaldson Higher, Everybody Else: Lower

4. Bullpen Connect 4 For each team, name the Relief Pitcher who:

a) Pitches the most Innings

b) Gives up the most Hits

c) Walks the most Batters

d) Notches the most Strikeouts (2 points per RP, 4 per category)

A tie in any category counts for points. Zeros for any category do not constitute a tie. No points for that team in that category, unless you specifically guess "zero" or "nobody". Take an extra 3 points if you correctly guess both Pitchers in at least one category. Take an extra 4 points if you correctly guess either team's pitchers in all four categories. 4 points max for this part. (23 points, if you run the table!) INNINGS PITCHED: Chavez/Scheppers HITS: Chavez, Cook/Ortiz, Ross, Nathan, Kirkman, Frasor WALKS: Chavez/Nathan STRIKEOUTS: Doolittle/Ortiz, Kirkman

5. Dude, We're Gonna (Game) Score! Us: A.J. Griffin, Bartolo Colon, and Dan Straily. Them: Justin Grimm, Derek Holland, and Alexi Ogando. Who posts the highest Game Score? Who posts the lowest Game Score? (3 points each, 6 total) HIGH: Griffin LOW: Grimm

Answers due by 7:05 PDT Monday. Good Luck, and Let's Go A's

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