GOG 2013 #10 Oakland Penny-Pinchers @ New York Monies (ANSWERS POSTED)

I hate the Yankees. Yes, I know it’s played out—I know just about everybody reading this is saying, "wait, I hate them too." With that said, I think part of the appeal of GOGing (to me) is the chance to actually care about stats for other teams. I apologize if this GOG is too Yankees’ heavy.

(I felt I needed to make the above disclaimer so that I don’t get banned from creating GOGs in the future.)





[The Questions]

  1. Series Outcome (3 games – 3 points)
  2. Bunt what if their power decreases as they age? As of Tuesday, the Yankees have smashed 36 home runs this year, good enough for first place in the league—what’s amazing, however, is that they are tied for third in sacrifice bunts (with 7) as well. The A’s, not to be outdone in the smashing department have hit a league best 100 XBH (to the Yankees 75).Choose A’s, Yankees, or Neither. Which team scores more runs by sacrifice (FO included)? Which team has more XBH? Which team hits more HR? (2 pts each, 6 total)
  3. Cy Young Slayer, Phil Hughes, has only allowed 6 runs in his last 20 IP (2 per start)—during those starts his team has beat both the AL and NL Cy Young winners (Dickey/Price), but Hughes was credited with neither win. Predict Hughes’ Over/Unders— 5.5 Innings Pitched / 6.5 Hits Allowed / 6.5 K’s / 2.5 Earned Runs. Does he get a Win? (1 pt each, 5 total)
  4. Age Differentials: Probable Starters for Sunday’s game have an age differential of more than 16 years (Straily, 24; Pettite, nearly 41). Predict both starting pitchers IP / ER / K (2 each, 12 total). (If starters change, your predictions apply to Sunday’s starters)
  5. Party like it’s 2005: Travis Hafner seems to have forgotten that it’s not 8 years ago—with a .318/.438/.667 line. He has been a very bright spot in a very DL’ed NYY line-up. Pick one A’s player who has: More hits than Hafner (3 pts), More K’s than Hafner (3 pts) **If no player has more hits/Ks, it will go to whoever has the most hits/Ks** Does Hafner post a higher or lower BA during the series than his season avg. (1 pt)?
  6. Catchers Catching Catches: Albeit due to injury, the NY Monies have split time between two catchers, combining for a 0.8 WAR against the Jaso/Norris WAR of 0.8—Predict the AB / H / K for the Catcher position for both teams (2pts each, 12 total). NYY catchers are currently boasting 50% Caught Stealing (to the A’s 10%). Will either team’s catching duo catch someone stealing during the series (1 pt)? Which team’s catchers will be posting a higher season total WAR after the series (A’s/Yanks/Tie; 1 point)?

(47 Total Points)

I won’t be able to post answers until Sunday evening (EST) as I’ll be at the Phillies’ game until about 5 on Sunday.

As it’s my first GOG, feedback is greatly appreciated!


1. A's 2-1 [3 points]

2. CORRECTION: Tie for SAC (Neither team scored a run by sacrifice; though C. Stewart was credited with one SAC during Friday's game, no run was scored) / NYY > XBH (9) / A's > HR (4) [2 pts each]

3. Over IP (8) / Under H (4) / Over K (9) / Under ER (0) / Yes, Win [1 pt each]

4. Straily- 5.1IP / 3 ER / 4 K; Pettitte- 5 IP / 3 ER / 2 K [2 pts each]

5. Hafner-- More than 2 H: Rosales (3), Cespedes (3), Freiman (4), Lowrie (3) [3 points]

Hafner-- More than 4 K's: Theth Smith (5) [3 points]

Hafner ended with a lower BA (.200) [1 point]

6. A's Catchers: 10 AB / 2 H / 3 K; Yankee's Catchers: 6 AB / 1 H / 1 K [2 pts each]

Nobody caught stealing. [1 pt]

A's Catchers have higher WAR after the series, 1.1 to 0.9 [1 pt]

Let me know if you see any errors; happy GOGing

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