GOG 2013 #3: "Wow, isn't Mike Trout awesome? Let's talk about him all damn day!" ANSWERS POSTED

Yeah, enough already...

I'll concede the point that the slegnA are going to be a potent offensive force, but it's a long march to the postseason, and you need pitching to take the Cheese. I don't think they have enough of it. Thanks to the Greinke trade, they're out of prospects that they could flip for more pitching down the stretch. They also no longer have Greinke. They don't know it yet, but unless Trout can pitch, they might be screwed.

But enough of my yakkin'... let's boogie!

THE QUESTIONS (48 points)

1. Series Outcome (3 pts) A's SWEEEP!!

2. The Human Drama of Athletic Competition 3 games against the Big Spenders. Do any of these games go into Extra Innings? Are any of these games tied through Seven Innings? Are any of these games tied through Five Innings? Scoreless through Three? (1 pt each, 4 total) No Extras/No Tied through 7/Yes Tied through 5/No Scoreless through 3

3. Mike Trout is No Jed Lowrie It's Noon-ish on Sunday as I scribble this in my GOG notebook, and Jed Lowrie just jacked another Home Run! Jed Lowrie is the greatest Shortstop in Oakland A's history! (settle down there, Beavis) Predict A Man Named Jed's AB/H/XBH. (2 pts each, 6 total) 13/3/1

4. Dude, We're Gonna (game) Score! Parker, Milone, and Griffin. Wilson, Blanton and Vargas. Which Starting Pitcher posts the highest Game Score? Which one posts the lowest Game Score? (3 points each, 6 total) If either of your Pitchers is scratched, the Question applies to the replacement Starter, even if the replacement pitches on a different day. High: Griffin Low: Blanton

5. Thee Hot Corner I didn't necessarily start out a fan, but Josh Donaldson has really grown on me. Don't they make a topical ointment for that? Predict Josh's AB/H/XBH (2 pts each) Is he charged with an Error (at any defensive position)? (1 pt) Now do the same for his slegnA counterpart, Alberto Callaspo (14 points total) Josh: 14/6/2/No Callaspo: 11/2/0/Yes

6. It's Springtime for Tommy Milone, and Oakland! Tommy split his two decisions against the slegnA last season, pitching well against them on the road in April, and then getting knocked around by them at home in September. So, based on a virtually non-existent sample size, Tommy really likes pitching in Anaheim! Predict Tommy's IP/H/BB/K (2 pts each) Does he surrender a Home Run? (1 pt, 9 total) 5/7/3/5/No!

7. Sliding-Scale Longball Who hits the 1st Home Run for each team in this Series? You can guess up to three players for each team. A correct answer based on one guess is worth 3 points. A correct answer based on two guesses is worth 2 points. A correct answer based on three guesses is worth 1 point. You can guess "nobody" for either team, and based upon the respective lineups, I'm going to make a correct "nobody" worth 4 points. Good luck with that. (6 points possible, in the real world. 8 points possible in an alternate reality) Crisp/NOBODY!!

Answers due by 7:05 pm PDT. Good Luck, and Let's Go A's

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