Quick and Dirty GOG #2 @ Houston ANSWERS POSTED

Nobody signed up to post a GOG for the Houston series so I'm just going to post a quick one. Sorry this is up so late but I didn't notice that nobody had signed up to make one and its disgusting outside and i saw this missing.

Somewhat low scoring because of how late it was put up.


3 game series v. Houston for the weekend (8.12 Altuves possible) (also its easier to post answers and count as the games progresses. Running totals italicized; final answers will be bolded sometime Sunday)

1- Series Outcome (3 points/0.553 Altuves) A's sweep

2- K Zone: The A's set an AL record for Ks last year. The Astros currently lead all MLB in Ks by a lot with 42, (even though they've played 3 games and some teams have played 4). Predict the total number of Ks combined by both teams. (5 points if exact; 3 if +/- 2K)

Friday: 18 K, Saturday: 10 K, Sunday: 18 K

Total: 46 K (5 points if 46 K, 3 if 44-48 K)

3- The Former A's (Prospects): Chris Carter and Brett Wallace are Astros. Both are in the starting lineup. Predict their combined: PA, H, XBH, K, and fielding errors. 3 points each; 15 possible))

Friday: 8PA, 1 H, 0 XBH, 4 K, 0 fielding errors

Saturday: 4 PA, 0 H, 0 XBH, 2 K, 0 fielding errors

Sunday: 7 PA, 1 H, 1 XBH, 3 K, 0 fielding errors

Combined: 19 PA, 2 H, 1 XBH, 9 K, 0 errors

4-Former River Cat Brad Peacock's First Major League Start Since 2011 is on Friday night. Predict his IP, H, ER, BB, and K. (2 points each; 10 possible)

Peacock: 4.1 IP, 3 H, 2 ER, 3BB, 5 K

5- Game Scores: Six starting pitchers for this series this weekend between both teams. Pick any 4 of the 6 SP, and order them from highest to lowest game score. (2 points each, 8 possible).

Straily 67, Anderson 66, Peacock 51, Norris/Colon 46, Harrell (Bedard) 14

QUICK NINJA EDIT: If any pitcher gets scratched, direct substitution of replacement pitcher for scratched pitcher is done for scoring purposes (e.g. if Colon gets scratched Saturday everybody moves up a day and Parker goes on Sunday, then Parker automatically takes Colon's place in your answer).

6- Moar Dingerz: Which A's player hits the first A's HR this series? (no one is an acceptable answer). (3 points; 1 point if the guy hits a HR in this series but its not the 1st)

Coco Crisp 1st dinger (3 points), Other dingers (1 point): Lowrie, Smith, Young

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